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Loss is a natural part of decluttering.

And sometimes it’s easier to avoid the whole damn thing than it is to let ourselves feel loss.

Letting go of a simple object – no matter how useless or meaningless – can bring a tidal wave of memories from a loss you experienced a very long ago, perhaps even another lifetime (if you believe in such a thing).

If you give yourself fully to this process of decluttering,

Not only do your closets change, but you change.

It’s inevitable.

Whether you are clearing out your clutter or processing through a painful loss,

Here are questions you can ask yourself to help you navigate the overwhelm:

L.ESSON: What is familiar about this loss? Has it happened before? When was the first time? Could this be the last time I need to learn this way? Is there another way?

O.PPORTUNITY: What is the opportunity here in this present time? Which way do I go from here? What are my choices? What is the blessing in this? Is there any?

S.URRENDER: Am I asked to let go of an old way of coping with loss? How do I ask for help differently? Can I hear my Spirit’s whisper? What does my Body need? Is there anything I’m missing, not seeing clearly?

S.OVEREIGNTY: What becomes possible for me now in this all? What will I do with the new gained freedom, a sense of agency? Who am I without? Who am I really?



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