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What if your entire life was a perfect reflection of your soul’s essence?

Image by Kent Pilcher





The deepest tragedy ...

... for a woman is not that she is single or that she is not making money, or that she is alone.


The deepest tragedy for a woman is that she has lost faith in flow.


When she is in her flow, she is resting in her core. Her essence. 


Life feels like a river.


She still has her challenges but she flows around them like water does around rocks and fallen branches.


She knows her way, naturally.


And she’s certain that no matter what happens, she is heading towards the sea.


Without her flow, she is like a compass without the needle pointing north.


As a result, she starts taking care of everyone else, expect herself.


Carrying the world on her shoulders.

Trying to figure it all out alone.

Thinking too hard.






She thinks the pain is a result of not having what she needs in an existing relationship. Or not making enough money. Or not having this or that. 


So she starts looking for “the one”. Working harder. Purchasing stuff to fill the void.

A woman who has lost her flow will almost always attract a man who is going through a “mid-life crisis” where everything feels like too much, including her.


A woman who has lost her flow and

a man who thinks that only in solitude he is free

are not a good match.


This is why a good relationship starts way before you meet each other.

A woman who has lost touch with her essence will almost always choose a job that eventually leads to burn-out.


A woman who has lost her flow will almost always have a home that feels neglected, with no fresh chi but piles and piles of unsorted things begging for her attention.


It is only when she decides to return back to her core that she remembers her radiance, her worth and her strength. 


But the choice is hers. 


No-one can make that for her.


And no-one ever should.


This is HER life. 


The only life she can ever change. 


What would YOU do if you were her?

Flower Portrait


  • Live a life totally aligned with your essence

  • Do work that aligned with your destiny

  • Be in a wonderful relationship with someone who helps you raise – not fall – in love

  • Do all this while living in a home that was a tangible expression of your soul

  • Have peace of mind, every day?

What would become possible for you if you fully owned your unique brilliance? If you weren't after "the perfect life" but a life that was perfect for you, for your essence? 


  • Create a business that is in alignment with your values, yet you feel burned-out, distracted, and empty – but you continue to overwork or shop, eat, drink and [fill in the blank] to fill that void?


  • Put yourself in the center of your own life and still find yourself feeling like an outsider?


  • Trust love again only to find yourself heartbroken and betrayed?


  • Let go of stuff but decided to save it for “the rainy days”?


  • Eat the right wholesome foods but instead you go for the quick and easy?


  • Slow down but you fear getting behind your to-do-list?


Your life is waiting for you on the other side of “shoulds”.

Your business is waiting for you on the other side of “not enough”.

Your love is waiting for you on the other side “playing it safe”.

Your liberation is waiting for you on the other side of “I can’t”. 



The reason you feel stuck is not because something is wrong with you. The reason you feel stuck is similar to why your bathtub backs up with water, stagnates and grows bacteria and mold – it’s not because something is wrong with the bathtub itself. It’s because there is too much hair in the drain and the hair has created a blockage. Similarly your energy field gets blocked with negative childhood memories, resentment, beliefs and emotions. This will keep you stuck in a behavior and thought pattern that is restricting your ability to live a life you truly want. The good news is at its core, each pattern has a simple beginning. There’s no point trying to heal without first going into the root. And this is what the School of Living Light is all about. 




I created The School of Living Light around the following three pillars: Spirit. Space. Self.

It's a sacred chamber where women come to uncover their essence and build their entire life around it. 


Your True North is your inner sense (or essence / innocence), a place that your internal guidance system is always pointing to. You get there by listening to the voice of Spirit – your Intuition. You’ll learn non-dogmatic and practical tools on how to better hear the little voice inside that is always right. Not sometimes, but always right. You establish a daily spiritual practice that feels right for you. Your daily sitting or movement practice is something you learn to look forward to. In the School of Living Light, you are not a body trying to get more spiritual. You are here to experience yourself as who you truly are, a Spirit in a body, co-creating your life. 


You learn how to use your physical environment (home and body) as your vision board – anything unresolved within you shows up somewhere in your home (usually closets) or in your body (health issues). Confronting these areas will help you activate your dream space – and your dream heath.


Your mindset. Beliefs. How to go beyond your upper limits. You learn to listen to your feelings and let go of built-up energy. You hold yourself with uttermost respect and reverence. Commitment no longer feels like a prison, or a restriction, but a welcomed boundary that provides a playground for your dreams.

Buying Flowers

 This is your renaissance. 


A one-way ticket is not always the way to change your life but it was mine. 

When I left my home country of Finland in 2001 and moved to New York City with only one luggage, a tourist visa, $600 to my name, no home and no job in sight – the typical story of the "American Dream" – I thought I was living lightly. 

I soon realized that although I didn’t have many material possessions, my load was heavy.  

I kept looking for men, money, God and happiness in all the wrong places. I got in trouble. I didn’t think my master's degrees and certifications were enough to get the job I wanted so I started working as a stripper in a gentlemen’s club. 

I learned a lot.

It took me many years to unpack my emotions and beliefs about myself and the world. I dove deeply into personal development work. I stayed in temples and visited ashrams. I realized I could get lost in that, too. But I had amazing teachers along the way and for that I’m forever grateful. 

I learned how easy it is to leave myself, thinking the answers to my burning questions are out there.

I learned how easy it is to check out, leave the space and run away from pain, discomfort and shame.

I learned how easy it is to turn away from Spirit, and ignore the only voice that truly matters: my intuition. 


I started slowly gathering my power back from where I had left it – from people, places and things. I learned about my soul charts (Akasha) and began the clearing of some deep-rooted, soul-level misunderstandings. 

I studied fasting and participated in native ceremonies with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and completed a 40 - day fast on my own that was a life-changing spiritual experience for me. 

I started integrating my inner and outer worlds. 

I started creating a business that fit my essence, and I stopped trying to make my essence fit my business.

I allowed myself to do nothing. 


And let me tell you, that changed everything. 

And I’m here to share these teachings with you. 

Image by Freddie Martyn





  • No longer create your business and relationship on the sand of inauthenticity and self-sabotage, but on the mountain of your own true being. 

  • No longer end up spending your precious money and time on things that are just a cover up. 

  • Finally accept the fact that you always had everything it takes.

  • Create a sixth sense for things that feel off.

  • No longer be seduced, but guided.

  • No longer feel the hole, but the wholeness of you.

  • No longer be living a lie, but a life.

But first we just need to dissolve the thing that is blocking you, the place where you still, after years and years of personal and professional work, doubt yourself.

This won’t happen overnight, although it could.

You will not only step into the river of your own life, but you become the river.


You are finally free.

You are finally here.


From no-where to now-here.


Come with me ...

Solar Eclipse



This is the scene in your movie where everything is about to change. The catalyst.

All the eyes are on you. You understand that life as you know it can not continue as it is. 

The future has not been shown to you yet.

It’s time to move the story forward.

You are required to simply




In the School of Living Light you will:









Chhath Puja

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.”   
Maya Angelou


We use the Clutter Wheel™️ to diagnose which one of the ten areas of your life are the most cluttered. Each class, exercise and assignment is designed to help you distill and get closer to your essence.


This essence will become the cornerstone of your business, the heart of your relationships and the joy of your home.

You can read more about my approach HERE.

Full Moon

It is the agreement
your soul made
before coming here.


We have one main goal: To remember who you are.


When you do business, love and life from that place, you can not fail. You are living your purpose – the reason why you came here. 


Your essence is your bigger why. 

Image by Samuel Austin
Sand Dunes

A sweet reminder ….

Living Light is not about NOT owning comfortable and beautiful things. Living Light does not mean we take life lightly. It means we carry only what is ours, only what moves us forward and what aligns with our essence – in all areas of our lives. 
It’s about right ownership.

When we live lightly, we do not possess the Earth, we walk lightly upon Her. We are guests here.


PHYSICAL (1).png
Green Goodness


The Way of Living Light begins with the physical layer which includes the spaces you intimately inhabit – your body and your house. These two are not separate from each other –As is out, so is in. Cluttered house can lead to many health issues, including stress, allergies and weight gain.  

During our Spring Cleaning you'll let go of meaningless and useless items in your home so you can bring in new energy and new opportunities into your life. The shift is immediate and prepares you for the journey ahead. Our goal is to let go of anything that we are not so our true essence can shine. 

Next we'll tune into our diets and our food habits and declutter our pantry and kitchen.

The 5 - Day Liquid LifeFood Cleanse is a transformative process that will enable you to sacrifice the eating habits that no longer serve you. You’ll emerge radiant, revitalized and vitally self-aware — with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

Fasting isn’t about depriving yourself or losing those extra pounds. It’s about honoring your body as a sacred space inside which your spirit can manifest powerful miracles.


Plus, food is our divine fuel — and our capacity to relish the act of eating is a tremendous gift which demands our wholehearted respect.

If you are not able to fast, you'll be provided another powerful way to cleanse your body temple, tailored to your particular needs. 

Home Decorations
I have known Riikka for over ten years and in that time she has helped me entirely re-think my approach to food and eating. Not a trip to the grocery story goes by when I don’t think of something I learned from Riikka. I have participated in three fasts with her, which were fun and supportive and healing. Who knew going without food for seven days could be so easy and … enlightening. Riikka also coached me on nutrition and helped me learn to choose and cook healthier meals. And I even brought her in to cook for our office lunches so that we could have more conscious nutrition in the workplace. To say that Riikka has had a positive impact on my life is an understatement. She is also a very gifted healer and my life is better for knowing her.


— Laura Gates

I was simply overwhelmed with all the clutter and chaos in my house. Little did I know that decluttering could actually be fun! When you break it down to its roots, and uncover the hidden message we hold around our stuff, the process is simple, straightforward, and long lasting. It is more than just cleaning out your space, it is building new patterns that support you in being YOU. That was so profound to realize! Riikka’s grounded and gentle approach helped me to move blocks I didn’t even know were holding me back from living light.

— Katja Gruenheidt

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 8.48.22 AM.png


This is where you will bring anything unresolved that is currently weighting you down mentally and emotionally.


We visit our childhood in order to deepen our understanding about the present.


We shine light on the conditions and belief systems that you learned - they are not who you are. What limiting beliefs need to go? What’s holding you back from trusting yourself fully and completely? The beauty of limitation is that it is often what catapults change. 


Clearing limiting root beliefs (for good) will immediately shift your energy positively and change your thoughts, emotions and behavior. This will create a powerful "Aha!" experience in you – a paradigm shift – that helps you let go of limitations that you didn't even know you had.

During these three months you'll learn to embrace ALL of you, and see each challenge as a necessary stepping stone in your personal evolution. 

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 8.46.56 AM.png

Working with Riikka was a totally different experience! Our focus wasn’t so much on what I’m doing, but who I’m choosing to be. I now feel more plugged into who I really am. – Ashley

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 9.02.28 AM.png


Many of us are familiar with the importance of the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. Yet most of us lead our lives from our mind and not from our spirit or intuition.


When we lead from the mind, we can't create balance because we are not connected to Source, which brings us into alignment with our higher self.


Without this connection, there's always a feeling that something is missing in our lives; no matter how much we achieve, have or do, there is still this feeling of being disconnected.

This is your chance to change that, for good.

And when you do, you get to know yourself as spirit. All your issues become non-issues. They won't magically disappear but you learn to process your issues differently, together with your higher guidance. You learn to go to the root of the trigger. You step out of the emotional roller-coaster, into a path that is spirit-led, aligned and authentic.  

These three months are packed with tools to help you activate your intuition – the little voice within that is always right.

When big challenges arise in your life, what if you could reliably turn to the guidance of this little voice, so much so that eventually it is no longer little?

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 9.04.22 AM.png

I have found a new path forward as a result of this work and can honestly say that what I visualized when I started the process has manifested in many areas of my life and enabled me to make some really significant shifts. Riikka is a truly gifted individual, she shows up unconditionally and with love and grace to each session. She understands things intuitively and knows how to help you tap into your best self and life. – T.S.

Image by Jess Bailey

What's included?


We meet over Zoom (sometimes off camera) every week. Each call will include the explanation of the concepts being taught as well as the experience of these concepts. You will put these tools in practice between the sessions. 

You will also get to bring your real life joys and challenges to the call. You'll have me on your side as you grow your business, navigate the dating world, cleanse your body, upgrade your home space and make day–to–day choices that support you reaching your goal and living from a place of authenticity.


The Living Light Lab is where we do a real purge internally and externally. These immersions will catapult you to your next level.


The challenges are designed so that you can go past your limitations and create new habits that are life and energy giving.



This is where everything happens: conversations, community, free monthly classes like a book club and The Daily Nothing meditations and challenges. All the course material is hosted here as well.


I believe you should be able to run a successful business, have healthy love and a joyful, beautiful home without compromising your peace of mind.

The School of Living Light Is For

Woman Painting Pottery


wants to bring ALL of her into EVERYTHING she does. She is hungry for authenticity. She’s simply done with roles and protocols. 


She’s unedited yet refined. 

Bold yet  


Fierce yet loving.

Hands Holding Beads


wants to fall madly in love with the holiness of herself. She knows that’s the only way to ever fall in love with the holiness of another. She’s not seeking her other half. She’s here to find her “other whole.”

Meditating on Beach


is ready to slow down to achieve more.



knows she's not fully free until she knows the answer to these two questions:


"Who Am I?" 

The question is, how do you want to feel day-to–day, moment-to-moment? Stuck with a feeling that something is missing? I don't think so – you're here to channel your ESSENCE and POWER with every breath you take, am I right?



Author Photo.jpg


Join me. 

Early enrollment begins very soon. Right here. Meanwhile, please tell me more about you by filling out the application. 


  • 1. How does the School work exactly?
    You’ll learn to see your life’s challenges as opportunities for enormous growth, and as a catalyst for deep personal empowerment. Each week and each month you’ll peel away a layer that’ll take you closer to your True Self - that part of you that understands and sees the bigger picture. When you reside in the truth of who you are, you will experience flow and you will attract what is in alignment with you, with your very essence.
  • 2. I’m really busy. What’s the time commitment?
    One hour / week for the calls and coaching 10-30 minutes/day for a meditation practice About 1-2 hours (min) per week for assignments and implementing the material that comes up on the calls. More than a time commitment, this is a “presence” commitment. You are required to be present with yourself in a new way. The real commitment is inwards, not outwards. If you don’t have about 3 hours per week (total) for this, then the school is not for you. If you are ready to happily do what it takes to transform your current circumstances, then this is absolutely for you!
  • 3. What is each Living Light Teaching Activation about?
    You will get to define the areas in your life where you feel powerless or lack inner authority. I will help you pinpoint karmic ties and attachments to limiting beliefs in different areas of your life that are keeping you trapped and release them through subconscious reprogramming so your life can flow again in alignment with your soul's path. The following is meant only to describe the background philosophy behind our work, and is not meant to represent the chronological order of the curriculum. ROOTED IN YOURSELF :: THE EARTH ELEMENT The first segment is about putting yourself at the center of your own life. This is not selfish. It is a necessity in order to establish True North, your inner guidance system. When you do this, everything changes. Your relationships and your ability to co-create in harmony with the universe improve rapidly. Why? Because, at your core, you are in alignment with what matters most to you. Think of this as a cosmic chiropractic adjustment. When you prioritize listening to your gut, you feel like you are in charge of your own life and you are more likely to surrender to the flow and to The Greater Plan because you are rooted in yourself. THE ELIXIR OF LIFE :: THE WATER ELEMENT Here you start to recognize your attachments and the expectations you have that are not being met in your life. You’ll learn to honor your own values, needs and desires and lean into them. You repair the leaks and tears in your second chakra. Your identity is no longer based on what others think of you. You accept yourself and get comfortable with your natural feminine essence. ​ We touch upon your most recent intimate relationship(s) so you can let go of any resentment that may still be present. Forgiveness has nothing to do with the person you are forgiving – it is completely for you. Forgiveness is for you to give to yourself. This is the heart of the holy work. ​ YOU BELONG HERE :: THE FIRE ELEMENT Lack of connection puts you in a state of Fire. You may feel like something is missing, and you may lack confidence in bringing things to fruition. ​ It is ultimately one’s own responsibility to work through our sense of powerlessness and isolation. This is primary. Having done the inner inquiry and spent time on our own quest for healing, we can now slowly start feeling like we belong. As a woman, your identity may have gotten rattled. Earth reminds us that we can ground during challenging experiences and nurture ourselves anytime. It is safe to take your power back now. ​ Like the precious resources found beneath the earth's surface (think water and gemstones), by digging deep you will find your inner diamond, your access point to your personal power. As a Spirit you already know why you are here and the earth reflects this. Meditation is a path to this place. To this knowing. TRANSFORM YOUR STORY :: THE METAL ELEMENT Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. – Rumi Part of the healing and transformation involves looking at the stories we are telling ourselves. Our feelings are often the result of a perspective we have unconsciously chosen in order to cope in certain situations. More often than not, these perspectives, also called belief systems, are externally chosen for us during our upbringing. ​ In our process of reclaiming our creativity and personal power, it is extremely important to connect to who we really are and get to know our own values. And express them. ​ Minerals have the ability to translate and communicate about things. How can you use the gift of the mineral in healing and transforming your story? YOUR PERSONAL MAGIC :: THE WOOD (NATURE) ELEMENT This is about deepening your direct connection to your intuition, innocence and personal magic – your ability to see beyond. We learn to use prayer as a way to co-create your relationship vision. Prayer literally means, to set your mind as a trap for the thoughts of God. ​ Nature is magic. Nature represents life, death and rebirth. Nature is demanding that we drop our masks and embody our true selves. Nature is the ultimate trickster that shows us how to arrive on the other side joyfully. It shows us how to bring everything into perspective, and feel joy in our hearts again.
  • 4. How many women will be in the program?
    It depends. My intention is to keep the group small, 25 women max.
  • 5. What are your credentials for this work?
    I got certified as a Spirit Coach© in 2011 and went to a self-development school for seven years that held a core concept that everyone is a Spirit regardless of their past experiences or labels and that everyone holds the keys to their own evolution. What many of us are missing, however, is the permission, knowledge and ability to live consciously from Spirit. The goal is not to become more “spiritual” but to experience yourself as who you truly are, a Spirit in a body, determining your path and creating your own life in harmony with something greater. I’ve also been initiated in Reiki, certified in blindfold trance dance facilitation, holistic health counseling, fasting, massage therapy, Classical Feng Shui and I hold a Master’s Degree in Sociology. My biggest school though has been my own radically wild path in love and life and my passion for the masculine and feminine teachings. I also had to work through my own childhood wounds and most of them required clearing chakras 1-3. I still use these tools daily myself. Another one of my more privately known credentials is that I danced in a strip club in Chelsea, NYC for a year. That's where I got my master's degree in street smart ;) I’m also in the final phases of writing my first book, publishing date mid-September.
  • 6. What is Spirit Coaching and how is it different from traditional coaching?
    As a Spirit Coach®️ I I won’t give advice but will teach tools so you can access your intuition, learn to read what is in alignment for you and what is not, clear your own field and use energy to enhance your personal power. Both coaching approaches are valuable, one is not better than the other. Generally speaking the main difference is that a Spirit Coach: Can see and hold the real/authentic you as spirit, as energy, beyond your personality Uses intuition moment to moment to determine the best approach for the client, whether it be a tool, a method, a practice, meditation… Holds an energetic container for the client to blossom into Divine Self during the calls and the time in between. Looks spirit to spirit at the blocks that need to be cleared addressing them at their root cause. Holds the highest possibility for the client to walk in this incarnation. This is what it means to be “spirit-led.” Can recognize programming and interference from outside energies. Sees from the perspective of spiritual “contracts” so we can align with what we agreed to before we incarnated
  • 7. I have a lot of deep unprocessed trauma. Is this still a good fit for me?
    In this case I recommend you work with a qualified trauma therapist during the time in School. I’m not a therapist nor trained in trauma work. I want to make sure all your needs are taken care of during our time together.
  • 8. How do I get started?
    Please send me a message via Facebook to see if this is a good fit and we can go from there! Or, secure your spot by submitting your waitlist deposit for the February 2024 cohort. Love,
  • 9. What's the refund policy?
    There are NO refunds. This requires your full-hearted commitment. There's freedom in that. But if you’re unsure if The School of Living Light is a good fit for you, book a complimentary consultation with me.
  • 10. How do I access the program?
    On Monday 1/29/2024 you'll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to create your online account on Circle – the place where we will gather between our calls. Everything you need to know is on that platform, including link to access our weekly Zoom calls.
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