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I’m not really looking forward to writing this post but

because it seems that I’m just a servant to my inner director,

here we go.

When I started dancing in 2002 in NYC,

My noble goal was to use it as a case study for my doctorate.

Well, that did not happen. But I still learned a lot:

  1. Life itself is sometimes the only therapist or school you need. Throw yourself into its arms. Do what life asks you to do. Let go of any ideas you hold in your head about what’s wrong and what’s right. Be curious. But not too curious. You don’t become a boxer while standing outside the ring. Step in.

  2. There’s no deeper meaning to every mess.

  3. It’s ok to not take ourselves so seriously all the time.

  4. Men who go to strip clubs are not bad. Women who dance there are not bad. We are all just searching for the next piece in our personal puzzle. And until we have found all the pieces, we imagine we are broken.

  5. Sometimes the brightest light can be found underground.

  6. Sometimes the deepest dark is found in the limelight.

  7. Money is not dirty. It’s energy.

  8. Learn to have boundaries, especially if you feel invaded in any way. My favorite one was a bubble of mirrors. When they looked at me, they saw themselves. Confusing, I know. Mean? Maybe.

  9. This one may contradict all of the above: There’s no need to follow every impulse.

  10. It does not matter where you dance, whether it’s in a strip club, temple, streets or ballet. Dance for the divine inside of you. Dedicate each step to your soul’s journey. And then dance like the whole world is watching.

  11. Being naked doesn't mean you have no clothes. It means you trust yourself so completely that you show your vulnerability to those whose love you desire the most. But also have a danger of losing, if you do.

  12. Be an ambassador of love, even in a place where it’s an illusion.

  13. Unless you are your own boss, follow the rules.

  14. Listen to the signs. If you burn your skin, ruin your knees and get attacked by two strangers on the street, it’s time to change careers.

  15. Don’t do anything just for the money. It can kill your soul in the long run.


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