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"If you want to be free, get to know your real self. It has no form, no appearance, no root, no basis, no abode, but is lively and buoyant. It responds with versatile facility, but its function cannot be located. Therefore when you look for it you become further from it, when you seek it you turn away from it all the more."


                                                         – Zen Master Linji 




"The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence."

                                    – J. Krishnamurti


  • Reiki = True Self | Rei = Universal Spirit | Ki = Life Force

  • Reiki is a path that, with regular practice, will lead us back to the most basic truth of who we are. Reiki does not fix our problems, but it will always lead us to the root cause. 

  • When I reiki you I'm not "working on your true self" but, instead, I bring ease and freedom to a place of unnatural attachment to concepts or beliefs: We suffer when we hold onto things that are untrue. We feel ease when we experience something that is authentic to us. 

  • Sessions happen in a safe and private treatment room, on a comfortable table, fully clothed. 

  • Reiki is offered through light, non-invasive touch, with my hands held on a series of locations on the head and front and back of the torso. The placement of the hands is always respectful and conscious, and no pressure is being used.

  • Sessions last for 60 minutes and cost $150. 

  • TRUE SELF SUBSCRIPTION: Two (2) reiki sessions per month: Recurring payment of $222.


"I had never ‘done’ Reiki or any other healing work before. I came to Riikka (she was highly recommended) during a very challenging time in my life. I was having an “energy emergency” and willing to try anything that might bring me clarity and comfort. Just a 60 minute session was a profound experience. Riikka really sees you and through that perspective she unlocks true wisdom. After months of high stress and tension, I dropped back into myself, and was clear and calm again. After the session she shared her insights - it was like a balm. She is a very special person whose path I hope to continue crossing." — Alison, Sidney Australia

"I often feel at the end of a session that I have been touched by an angel and I am not a very otherworldly type." — Carla B.

"Riikka has been my go-to for many years.  Her very warm and grounding presence and her rare level of sensitivity and attunement make her truly gifted with energy and body work.  Every session provides deep nurturing and relaxation." – Heather

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