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Dear Woman, do you ever give too much of yourself or doubt yourself more than you care to admit and, as a result, suppress your power?


In a raw, honest and heartfelt guide, Riikka Rajamäki invites you to


  • explore eleven different areas where you may give your power away

  • establish practices that will help you set new boundaries with the world around you

  • free yourself from any conditioning that inhibits you from following your own truth

  • have the courage to be authentically you

  • create a brighter future by accessing your inner compass to direct your life


About the Author

Riikka Rajamäki, whose first name originates from “Fredricka,” which means “peace and power,” was born and raised in Finland. After earning her MA in sociology, she relocated to New York City. Walking the streets right after 9/11, with very little money and sometimes no place to sleep, she began questioning her concept of “a happy life.” She realized that her happiness wasn’t dependent on her worldly creations, but on her ability to remain connected to Spirit. This quest brought her to California, where she became a student at a self-development school dedicated to raising awareness and compassion through meditation and creative visualization.

Riikka has helped hundreds of clients feel better in their bodies through her unique style of bodywork. As a certified Spirit Coach®️, Reiki Master, and Feng Shui Consultant, she has dedicated her work to teaching women how to live truthfully in all areas of their lives.

After living for three years in a 150-sq. ft. tiny home, Riikka and her partner Brent now live in a small cottage on a 14-acre vineyard in Healdsburg, California.

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