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the daily nothing
The Daily Nothing

If you are a writer, a speaker, a coach or someone else who uses language to deliver your message

remember that your power does not lie in the words you choose

but in the space between these words

and more importantly in the way you inhabit this space

this silence

this void

this seemingly unimportant nothingness.

Your character shines through the cracks.

Your ability to be with the emptiness and

the energy you bring into your words

are more important than the words themselves.

This is the energetics of leadership.

This is the reason people trust you – or don't.

Cultivate this and you will reach your people.

Get comfortable with "nothing" and you become a magnet –

people love being around those who embody depth this way.

It helps them relax. It helps them feel safe. It inspires them to do what ever it takes to move forward in their lives.

The Daily Nothing 30-day meditative journey for leaders and creatives begins on February 12.


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