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You have nothing to lose.

Meditate. Not for next life. Not for heaven. But for day to day’s well-being. – Dalai Lama

Let me guess what is missing in your life. Nothing. Am I correct? I mean, really, nothing is missing.

Your life is full. Your inbox is full of unread emails. Your calendar is full of deadlines. Your belly is full of your favorite food. Your mind is filled with your own thoughts and the thoughts of others. Your desk, your laundry basket and even your kitchen sink are full.

How do you start your day? You can be honest here. No one is listening.


Do you open your computer? 

Check your notifications on social media?

Do you turn on your radio or television?
Do you listen to your voice messages?

Do you jump on a freeway with a hundred thousand other cars?


And you wonder why you can’t get anything done? 

And why every day feels like the day before?

You wish you had achieved more and worse,
you didn’t get as much enjoyment from your day as you wanted to.




Werner Erhard said:

One creates from nothing. If you try to create from something you’re just changing something. So in order to create something you first have to be able to create nothing.

Gotta love that.

Are you here to create something original? 

Are you creating stuff from other stuff, or are you creating something unique, right from the start, from scratch – from nothing?

You know – those moments that make you feel like you turned into the big bang.

Those bright, bursting creations are most likely the reason why you are here on the planet.

Your unique contribution can only be found in nothing. Do you know why?

Because no one else has access to that particular place of nothing – except you.


That’s right.

This place belongs only to you and is home to your own personal blueprint.

This blueprint holds the key to your purpose, your well-being and your success.

No masks, veils or pretense are allowed here.

All the belief systems and conditionings are checked at the door.

This place is you in your most pure, authentic form.

This is the place I invite you to access. Daily.

And this is the reason why I have created The Daily Nothing.

Join The Daily Nothing Project 

Includes one month of FREE meditation prompts and a meditation audio, straight to your inbox.

“I learned about The Daily Nothing while in the middle of a stressful period in my life – one in which I was also trying to finish a creative project, but felt completely drained of the energy to do it.  The things I craved were calm and the focus to continue. Riikka helped me figure out a couple of simple ways to carve out time and bring my attention back to where it needed to be. And, her daily email messages have been right on track with how I have been feeling lately – almost as if she could read my mind. They are such perfect bits of inspiration and reminders to take the time to experience them.  I have a feeling I will continue to practice The Daily Nothing long after the 30 days are complete.”

Stormy Sweitzer 

“Thank you, Riikka, for rejuvenating my consistent meditation practice again.   Every one of your Daily Nothing email notes always hit me right in the heart.  Like, tears streaming down my face (in a god way — they were so true). Your guided meditation struck my like a lightening bolt, and your imagery allowed me to slip into bliss at the snap of my fingers.  The timing of your Daily Nothing Class was definitely divinely inspired, as your class started when I was on the brink of making some very heavy decisions.  Over the phone, we set my intentions for the next 30 days, and I am elated to tell you that I achieved my top goal:  The ability to receive & listen.  And this was was totally out of the goodness of your heart, Riikka — no cash exchanged — you are a true angel, Riikka. Thank you!”

Aimee Prezzano

"The Daily Nothing has become a priceless reminder for sacred stillness in my life. I connected with the site while in the midst of a very intense time of studying, work load, projects, new skill acquisition. All good things for my life, but the influx of constant information was mind melting. The Daily Nothing morning email became part of my morning ritual (the first email I’d read each day to begin with grace and centered thinking) and the concept of NOTHING quickly became a touchstone for me in the swirl of change and growth. I began hearing my Self request “some nothing time” when I’d get overwhelmed. At which point I would take a break and go outside. Feel sun. Feel breezes on skin. See sky. And I’d find stillness somewhere and just be. Inhale. Exhale. Figure NOTHING out. Understand NOTHING. Do NOTHING. … this tiny pause in my day re-grounded me like nothing else (no pun intended). Just the word “nothing” is a mantra to me now. Ahhhhh …. nothing!!!”  

Cris Gladly  

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