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Golden Steel Plate



It's time to let it shine. 
Your long-term success in a relationship lies in knowing your essence and communicating that to your partner. 

I have created a workbook for women who want to uncover their essence, live light, love big and make a difference.

I'm Riikka Rajamäki. I help soulful sisters declutter their closets and get ready for their match.   


I do not perform supernatural skills to make that happen.


Instead, I help Her develop an unshakable trust in Herself so that next time after


A bad date

A period of loneliness

A rejection


She continues to stand wholeheartedly in Her power knowing in Her bones that He’s on His way.


You are a total catch. And you know it.


But you have your blind spots. 


You are ready to stop maneuvering around them and work with someone who holds up the mirror and guides you through the inner and outer work it takes to create change.

If this excites you, here's what you can do next:


Get the copy of my book Living Light: The 11 Principles of a Sovereign Woman.

After that, join The Living Light Lab! This is an ongoing program with weekly virtual meetings designed to help you put the 11 Principles (found in my book Living Light) in action so you can continue to reclaim your power and access your inner authority in all areas of your life – with the support of an amazing community.

If you are ready for true love and are willing to do what it takes to become the vibrational match for it, then join me in Inner Compass. 

If you are ready to activate your "innate bright light" in every area of your life, consider signing up for The School of Living Light. This unique holistic proprietary decluttering system is where you will embody the courage it takes to go after your biggest dream. While having me by your side as your concierge coach.                                                   

Riikka Rajamaki

Can't wait to get to know you!

With love and respect,

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