Riikka Rajamäki, The Founder of The Daily Nothing


Let me guess what is missing in your life. Nothing. Am I correct?
I mean, really, nothing is missing.

Your life is full. Your inbox is full of unread emails. Your calendar is full of deadlines. Your belly is full of your favorite food. Your mind is filled with your own thoughts and the thoughts of others. Your desk, your laundry basket and even your kitchen sink are full.

How do you start your day? Come on, you can be honest here. No one is listening. Do you open your computer? Do you turn on your radio or television? Do you listen to your voice messages? Do you jump on a freeway with a hundred thousand other cars?

And you wonder why you can’t get anything done? 

And why every day feels like the day before,when you go to bed but can’t quite figure out what you accomplished? You wish you had achieved more and worse, you didn’t get as much enjoyment from your day as you want to. Right?

My name is Riikka Rajamäki and I'm the master of nothing. I help busy people organize their inner and outer reality so that their life sings in harmony with their soul. In other words, I teach simple yet powerful Personal Energy Management and Feng Shui tools that bring calm to chaos, helping you feel more creative, alive and intuitive in your business and relationships. 

To get started, I recommend you book a free 45-minute healing session where we identify what is out of balance in your life (relationship/work/health...) and how can we bring you back in alignment.

Every person is a genius. Every person comes with wounds that block this genius. Our responsibility here is to do the REAL work - to discover who we truly are.


Personal Energy Management

The goal is to help you understand yourself as Energy, as Spirit. What defines you is much more than your age, your gender, your heritage, your titles and roles you play. When you start identifying yourself as Energy, the choices you make will reflect and match more who you truly are, saving you tons of headache and heart ache. 

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Deep, detailed bodywork, trigger points and energy healing. No techniques. No routine. Just laser sharp listening and a heaping dose of compassion. 

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She has perfected the massage experience.
— Hadley D.

Feng Shui - Intentional Design

It's not the strict superstitious sounding rules that I find fascinating about Feng Shui but this very thought that our living spaces mirror our patterns and challenges, desires and joys in life. By opening this direct yet subtle dialogue between a person and his/her living space, and every single object and furniture placement in it, we step into a much deeper undercurrent of a conversation this person is having with life itself. Sometimes just a small change in outer can result in a giant shift in inner. 

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One creates from nothing. If you try to create from something you’re just changing something. So in order to create something you first have to be able to create nothing.

Werner Erhard

If there can be a definition of spirituality, it is the tuning of the heart. Tuning means the changing of pitch of the vibration. The tuning of the heart means the changing  of vibrations, in order that one may reach a certain pitch that is the natural pitch; then one feels the joy and ecstasy of life, which enables one to give pleasure to others even by one's presence, because one is tuned.  

— Hazrat Inayat Khan



The answers are not always the solution. Sometimes they are the problem.

If we become too attached to having the answers, we will miss the effortless unfolding of life.

Life is not an event; it is a process. It is a constant relating.

Open to it, fully.

Commit to loving the questions, just for today.