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Minimize stress.

Maximize productivity.

Build a stronger team.


Incredibly enough, this can all be done through an activity that we do every single day: eat lunch.


That’s right: Lunch. The thing we likely take for granted. The thing we often power through to get back to our desks; back to “more important things.”


But what if rethinking this autopilot activity could change everything—for your employees, for your bottom line, for your business as a whole?


That’s EXACTLY what the Lunch Hour Seminars can teach you.

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A few cold, hard facts:


  • 83% of Americans are stressed by at least ONE thing at work.

  • Occupational stress increases the risk of heart attack and accelerates the aging process.

  • Job stress costs the U.S. industry over $300 billion annually thanks to things like accidents, employee turnover, and insurance costs.


Study after study shows that our mentality, practice, and relationship towards food can have far-reaching and lasting implications on our quality of life and work.

With the Lunch Hour Seminars, you’ll learn life - and business -changing things like how to:


  • use stress-reducing techniques to slow down; eating mindfully and meditating with food rather than medicating.


  • have more engagement in your work; less overwhelm, more creativity.


  • strengthen your team by gathering together; it’s not what you’re eating, but how you’re eating that impacts team building


  • digest food better and digest life itself better, including our work.

Eating Poke

Lunch Hour Seminar Packages

Customize to your team’s needs - indulge in 3 different ways:

The Appetizer 

The appetizer package includes three (3) one-hour visits that take place 2 weeks apart. The third and final visit can include a catered, organic lunch for an additional fee (highly recommended!)

This package is available in the SF Bay Area.


Your investment: $5000.

The Entree

This is a half–day, on-site (or off-site, if preferred) seminar that includes movement, meditation, mindful eating practice and a workbook with simple recipes. Offered weekdays from 10am – 2pm or weekends from 11am-3pm (times flexible). Catered organic lunch included (optional).


Your investment: Custom quote depending on your needs and size of a group.


After having completed at least the Appetizer seminar, this package gives you the option to book a sequence of monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly hour-long seminars. Optional add-ons include cooking and meditation classes.

Your investment: Custom quote depending on your needs.


Companies suffer when their people suffer.

Eat together, work together & re-engineer lunch hour productivity.


It’s not just food for thought, it’s food for life.

"New awareness about food and eating was achieved through Riikka’s lunch time seminars. Reinforcing some of the things your mother told you during childhood and new things to try for day to day.  Well worth the time to experience!"

To book, please email: riikka at

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