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Riikka Rajamäki, MA, is an esteemed author, Reiki Master and Feng Shui Consultant who is obsessed with helping women clear the clutter in all areas of their lives that prevents them from fulfilling their dream.


She is also founder of The Daily Nothing— a free 30-day meditative journey – which has inspired 100’s of people to start their daily meditation practice so that they can create from a place of clarity instead of overwhelm and be productive without burnout.


When she is not in session with clients, or coaching women how to fully access their intuition, you can find her writing her next book, facilitating a Blindfold Trance-Dance™ Ritual, visiting her home country Finland or soaking in the Northern California hot springs.


I believe that clutter in all its myriad forms is what’s holding women back from their true power – and their dreams.

Love, spirituality, home, health, career, emotional life, finances, friendships…. Through all these things runs a web of energy, like fascia, that is either limiting or liberating us.

As a Living Light Coach and Consultant, I work with women who are done with going around in circles. You realize life is short. You know that true power lies in the choices you make day to day.

Living Light Consulting is a unique proprietary decluttering system which is designed to help women release physical, mental, emotional and energetic clutter ("the endless loop of stuff") so that they can end the "constant catching up" and feel spacious enough to finally fulfill their number one dream.

The Clutter Wheel™️ is a self–assessment tool – a good starting point. Which one of these symptoms are you currently experiencing? Book a call and let's discuss. 

I look forward to helping you live light!


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How I Got Here –

My Personal Story

As a woman on a path of spiritual development,

I have been burnt in many bonfires that I myself helped build.

And most of them have been about love. Or lack of it.


So many times in my life I have begged for it, prayed for it, demanded it, even broken my wrist for it.

That is how much I doubted love.

My skepticism created pain, suffering and separation.


All my life, love was something that I needed to work hard for. To prove it. To earn it.

I travelled around the world chasing the self I thought I had to be.

All these years I suffered over love because I didn’t let love just be. I
demanded a result.


Love became risky.

And, most importantly, I had forgotten that love is not something to
have, it is who I am, in my very nature.

I remember seeing women, all ages and sizes, who seemed to have understood this.

It was clear that these women loved themselves. They were completely in their feminine power, juicy, full and radiant, and I used to wonder, how do they do that? Were they born that way? They were like magical beings to me.

I found them mesmerizing, yet I also felt envy, because I knew how far away I was from being like them.

The idea that love is somehow limited, caused me to attract partners
who would mirror that back to me.

And that mirror would always end up shattering into a million pieces.
There was never going to be a happily ever after. Never.

Not until I looked into that mirror and faced my sadness. The sadness that came from not loving myself.


I had to surrender. I was angry. And I was humbled. All my life I had avoided this moment. I had never really understood what surrender meant until I was on my knees, begging god to show me how to release myself from this endless cycle of self-destruction.

I died, somatically. On the floor, I lost it. And found it again.

“It’s not your job to love me; it’s mine” became my mantra.


Anytime my mind wanted to wander outside to find an object, usually my ex-partners, to blame or judge, I repeated this mantra, and it gave me a tremendous amount of support. And not just support, ecstatic joy.

And Truth. I have always been a lover of truth. Even when I could not love myself, I loved the truth.

And that set me free. 


P.S. Want to stay in touch? Join The Daily Nothing, find me on Facebook or read my occasional posts on my blog. 

If the path before you is clear, you are probably on someone else's.
                                    – Carl Jung


T.S. | Ross, CA


"I started working with Riikka when I was going through some transitions in my life. We did a review of where things felt good and where I wanted to make some changes and began the spirit coaching. Riikka’s unconditional support and kindness put me at ease and helped me to relax and lean in to the process right from the start. Spirit coaching involves tapping into your inner knowing and learning to trust what you already know inside. And it gives you a range of incredibly useful tools to help you navigate whatever may be showing up in your life. I have found a new path forward as a result of this work and can honestly say that what I visualized when I started the process has manifested in many areas of my life and enabled me to make some really significant shifts. Riikka is a truly gifted individual, she shows up unconditionally and with love and grace to each session. She understands things intuitively and know how to help you tap into your best self and life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!"



“I’ve worked with various coaches before (all different & helpful in their own way), but working with Riikka was a totally different experience! Our focus wasn’t so much on what I’m doing, but who I’m choosing to be. I now feel more plugged into who I really am, have a better understanding of how to manage my energy and have a meditation practice that I actually enjoy (most of the time)! Approaching life from “being” feels so much more natural than “trying to make things happen” all the time. So, if you’ve worked with coaches in the past, but feel like you keep coming up against the same stumbling blocks, you probably don’t need help with “strategy” — you may just need help with “spirit.”

Rachael | Fairfax, CA


Riikka came to my home to help me let go of things in my space that were blocking my flow. I had been having a hard time finding anything to wear even though I have so many clothes. We concentrated on my dressing area with her firmly supporting me to only keep that which I loved. This permission was like healing nectar and enabled me to let go of three trash bags full of clothing jewelry and shoes that I didn’t really love and never wore. Suddenly I feel like I have more time and space. It’s a miracle. Riikka is amazing. I can’t wait to have her come up and help me with the other rooms in my home.



"Thank you so much for another wonderful session on Tuesday! I am so grateful for you as well as for your spirit's been exactly what I have been searching for the last couple of years and finally feel that I am on the path to healing. I forgot to mention this on Tuesday...over the last couple of years, I've expressed what I was looking for and was met with people giving me strange looks or completely changing the subject because they didn't know what to do with the information of me wanting to change my energy as I realized that I attract people who are not aligned with me. So, many thanks for what you do.  I really appreciate you! :)"

Pam | Fairfax, CA


I recently worked with Riikka to deepen my “spring cleaning”. I had embarked on a decluttering process and felt that her insights about Feng Shui would deepen the process. Her approach is thorough and insightful and I’m excited to implement her suggestions. My favorite part of the process was receiving her report, which included visuals and enhancements for every area of my home.

Temple | Ross, CA


I worked with Riikka to declutter a space in our house that we had used as more of a playroom in order to use the space better as an office and home studio for my classes. It was hard to go through everything at first, but Riikka guides you through the process with grace and ease and encouraged me to let go of old papers and files that I no longer needed to make space for new projects and activities. It was great to work with her through Zoom and her calm and relaxed approach helped to make it feel much less overwhelming. As a result, I feel clearer and more open and have recently become involved in a new venture so really appreciate the personal space I've been able to create.

Ali | Windsor, CA


I had been avoiding this topic for a very long time. I have used stuff to fill voids in my life for as long as I can remember. I knew that it was time to get really honest and come to terms with it all. I knew with all my heart that I didn't want to live this way anymore. Riikka's course came at the absolute perfect and divine time. I loved her approach. Every module was perfectly put together and was gentle but didn't leave any stone unturned. I would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to do the work and change their life in a big way. Thank you Riikka.

Katja | San Rafael, CA


I was simply overwhelmed with all the clutter and chaos in my house. Little did I know that decluttering could actually be fun! When you break it down to its roots, and uncover the hidden message we hold around our stuff, the process is simple, straightforward, and long lasting. It is more than just cleaning out your space, it is building new patterns that support you in being YOU. That was so profound to realize! Riikka’s grounded and gentle approach helped me to move blocks I didn’t even know were holding me back from living light.

Elizabeth | Novato, CA


Riikka is a true healer and weaves these gifts into her feng shui consultations.  When she came over to assess my home, she really took in the details of physical layout as well as the energetics of the property.  She listened deeply to what I wanted to create and change in the overall feeling of my home and helped me clarify some of the key aspects of why things weren't flowing optimally. One of her strongest suggestions was to open up the outside front door entryway to allow more chi into the whole house.  A few weeks after she made this suggestion, I removed a huge juniper bush that had been covering the front wall for over 40 years. Wow!! What a complete visual and sensory shift! The outside of my home not only looks lighter and brighter, but I'm sleeping better too. I have been living in my home for over 10 years and this has been a welcome change.  I was surprised at how simple the remedy was and how powerful the effects are. I'm going to look into the other suggestions she made because now I know they really do work!



“Working with Riikka has been incredible. For the first time in my life, I’m developing a meaningful meditation practice that I can actually DO. With her coaching, I’ve been diving deep into areas of my life that have been unexplored or ignored until now. It’s a truly transformational process. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”

Erin | Pacifica, CA


I had always been uncertain of how to decorate and place furniture in my home, in order to align everything with the optimal flow and energies. After we struggled for months with furniture placement, and also family and relationship turbulence, I turned to Riikka for help. 

Working with Riikka was a very powerful experience, and I was so relieved to discover the areas of my home that were balanced, and also uncover the spaces that needed some change.  The solutions were subtle, but the results provided such a deep transformation for myself and my family.


Riikka is warm, caring and exceptionally intuitive.  Her formal written report, and guidance and discussions after the initial visit have been exceptional, and have brought such amazing growth and nourishment to our home and family.  I will always be so very grateful for her.



"I felt at a loss of how to move forward, so I asked Riikka to do something complex: energetically and emotionally transition me and my family of 6 from a 5 bedroom/3 bath house to a 2 bedroom/ 2 bath house.  I did not know that is what I needed, but Riikka explained how it is difficult for all family members to leave their home of memories.  She and I created a questionnaire that everyone willingly and, honestly, enthusiastically answered.  She read these with me and we made a plan using their responses to guide the move. We also decided to have the whole family home for a final weekend of bonding in the old house and an introduction to the new house.  I do not think I would have been able to shape our move without Riikka’s help.

Riikka’s guidance through where to place items for a complete energetic flow was very important to me and my husband.  We were both engaged in her report and took to heart her involvement. 

By focusing our energetic needs, as well as the houses’ energetic needs, we were motivated to make the physical move quickly and smoothly.  We also were able to let go of ourselves having to be the only movers.  Many people were involved and it felt very nice to allow people to move us!

Riikka also followed up after the move, about three months later to see how the placement of furniture and flow of its use was working for us.  She blessed our new house and supported me so well that I was able to give freely to the move and sale of the old house.  Each day, I would awaken with new energy and take on what was before me.  I am very grateful for this clarity, an I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Kristen | San Francisco, CA


Riikka’s Living Light Declutter course was just what I needed to kick start my decluttering process! She offers a different approach to cleaning house. Riikka helped me better understand how my relationship to things and what I choose to keep is driven by my core beliefs. Through the interactive modules, meditations, activities, and zoom sessions I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my motivations. I was able to create a roadmap to address the clutter in my life that has been holding me back. Highly recommend this course!

Mariette | Petaluma, CA


When Riikka visited our home for the initial consultation she was warm, interested and welcomed all my questions. That allowed me to share very openly about the ups and downs of my relationship to my home. My biggest wish was to bring the house into present time and let go of some of the stagnant energies (goodbye old curtains and furniture) that were no longer useful. After her visit Riikka laid out a deep and truthful, personally crafted report to lead us into the present with greater harmony and alignment with our living space. Riikka’s beautiful Feng Shui roadmap was infused with ancient Chinese wisdom and her unique modern eye, the perfect mix. Her enhancement plans were laid out very clearly, so we were able to apply them right away. Implementing her suggestions has created more coherence and joy in our house, I feel much more aligned with my home now. Overall it was Riikka’s passion for the art of Feng Shui and unique sense of style that made this a real success! Riikka gives above and beyond what is expected.

Carly | Bolinas, CA


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