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Do You Want To

  • Work one–on–one with someone who sees you from the perspective who you really are? 
  • Let go of mental and emotional clutter and the energetic weight that is holding you back from fully trusting yourself?
  • Find the love of your life?
  • Master your energy field and the energy you put out and let in on a daily basis?
  • Know how to use intuition in everything that you do?
  • Try out something different? You feel drained by cookie-cutter coaching.
  • Learn to access Source directly, where there will no longer be a need for external validation?
  • Have fun while doing this?
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The Process

The Present | Inventory


We start by getting real. We'll use The Clutter Wheel to determine what areas in your life are the most cluttered. What’s working? What’s not working? We establish a regular sitting practice – the ability to be with yourself without the urge to run away is the foundation for this work. We need you present and rooted in yourself. The deeper the roots, the taller the tree. 


The Future | Vision + Intention


From stillness comes movement. What is your vision? You get crystal clear about the future. Together we create a strategy for how to get there. What is out of balance? What needs to change? Where are you out of integrity with yourself? How do you get back to truth?


The Past | Beliefs + Patterns


We visit your childhood in order to deepen your understanding about the present. We shine light on the conditions and belief systems that you learned - they are not who you are. What limiting beliefs need to go? What’s holding you back from trusting yourself fully and completely? The beauty of limitation is that it is often what catapults change. 


Clearing limiting root beliefs (for good) will immediately shift your energy positively and change your thoughts, emotions and behavior. This will create a powerful "Aha!" experience in you – a paradigm shift – that helps you let go of limitations that you didn't even know you had.

Energy | Daily Habits


What gives you energy? What drains it? What daily habits support you, and what disempower you? You learn to tune into your own energy and raise your mood and attitude, and release resentment and withholds that keep you postponing your life. 


Purpose | Who Are You?


Who are you and why are you here? These are not small questions. In a meditative space, I will guide you through a process that will help you know your purpose – who did you come here to be? This is a larger intention statement for your entire lifetime. When you know your purpose, you trust yourself. You are able to discern between people, places and things. You tap into our innate power. Your purpose is not stagnant, it will change when you change. 


Co-Creation | Alignment


What is it that you want to create next? Together we make sure your creation is fully aligned with your purpose. Is your project heart expanding, fulfilling on Soul Level and coming from inside yourself (power)? Or does your project feel alienated from your Heart, and coming from your Will (force)? Is your creation draining you or fueling you? Who do you need to be in order for you to reach your goal? 


As a Spirit Coach®️ I I won’t give advice but will teach tools so you can access your intuition, learn to read what is in alignment for you and what is not, clear your own field and use energy to enhance your personal power.


Both coaching approaches are valuable, one is not better than the other. Generally speaking the main difference is that a Spirit Coach:

  • Can see and hold the real/authentic you as spirit, as energy, beyond your personality

  • Uses intuition moment to moment to determine the best approach for the client, whether it be a tool, a method, a practice, meditation…

  • Holds an energetic container for the client to blossom into Divine Self during the calls and the time in between.

  • Looks spirit to spirit at the blocks that need to be cleared addressing them at their root cause.

  • Holds the highest possibility for the client to walk in this incarnation. This is what it means to be “spirit-led.”

  • Can recognize programming and interference from outside energies.

  • Sees from the perspective of spiritual “contracts” so we can align with what we agreed to before we incarnated

Reminder: Coaching is not advice, psychotherapy or counseling. I’m not a licensed therapist nor trained in trauma work. I don't offer medical advice. I want to make sure all your needs are taken care of during our time together, so professional referrals will be given, if needed.


Learn more about Feng Shui here


Many people are concerned about wasting stuff, but what about wasting space? Our rooms represent our creations, and when we waste space, we waste opportunities. Nonfunctioning, dead space is like a life not well used. When we waste space, we build roadblocks to success. Overly filled corners create stagnation, and as a result of this, our dreams and aspirations lack flow.

Want to play? Go around your home and give each room a name. Make it cute. Ask yourself, what is the function of this room? How do I want to feel when I enter this room? Then take anything out of the room that does not fit. How does the energy flow in this space? Does it need more containment? More places to sit and relax in?


Remember, your home is an entity. When you talk to it, it responds. When you love your home, it loves you back. Every time. Design with intention and your home will become your biggest ally. In all of your creations.

Design Psychology the perfect remedy for you if you are struggling with your living environment. Where you live is not a coincidence. Each home has something to teach you. When we work together, we will dive deep into the subconscious to connect with the spirit of your home and eventually make the unconscious conscious. 

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