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Includes a Living Light consultation and decluttering, 4 hours total.

Perfect for those uncomfortable moments when you need help ASAP and you feel too overwhelmed to even know where to start. If you are:

  • Moving 

  • Clearing out a storage unit 

  • Doing wardrobe makeover

  • Making room for a housemate

  • Cleaning your pantry 

  • Expecting in-laws for a visit 

  • Starting over

  • Clearing out a deceased relatives home

... then I'm here for you! 

In-person visit includes physical removal of donations

(up to one small car load)!

1/2 Day (4hrs) in person (Marin or Sonoma County, CA) or Zoom | $500

After that: $150/hour (+ travel fee for in-person visit)



Riikka came to my home to help me let go of things in my space that were blocking my flow. I had been having a hard time finding anything to wear even though I have so many clothes. We concentrated on my dressing area with her firmly supporting me to only keep that which I loved. This permission was like healing nectar and enabled me to let go of three trash bags full of clothing jewelry and shoes that I didn’t really love and never wore. Suddenly I feel like I have more time and space. It’s a miracle. Riikka is amazing. I can’t wait to have her come up and help me with the other rooms in my home.

– Rachael | Fairfax, CA


I worked with Riikka to declutter a space in our house that we had used as more of a playroom in order to use the space better as an office and home studio for my classes. It was hard to go through everything at first, but Riikka guides you through the process with grace and ease and encouraged me to let go of old papers and files that I no longer needed to make space for new projects and activities. It was great to work with her through Zoom and her calm and relaxed approach helped to make it feel much less overwhelming. As a result, I feel clearer and more open and have recently become involved in a new venture so really appreciate the personal space I've been able to create.

– Temple |  Ross, CA

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