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Virginia Woolf said: “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

I'd say each woman must have a room of her own even if she is not to write fiction.

And if it’s not possible, it’s time to get creative.

One of my very first rentals in this country was one corner of the living room in a French woman’s apartment in Washington Heights. Her name was Beatrice. She was great.

We decided to use a room divider to create a space that I could call my own.

There was barely room for a twin mattress.

But the living room had a view of the Washington Bridge – I felt like I was winning. And when I stuck my head out the window, I'd see Manhattan.

Yesterday I found this gorgeous room divider on Craigslist. I wanted to create a space I can call my own – a nook where I can finish writing my book.

I have not liked the fact that my office is in the bedroom.

Also, the only place to have my desk is between the door and a window that is directly opposite the door.

The screen slows down the energy and creates enough containment for me to feel grounded.

I could not be more excited!

Here are some things to consider when deciding to create your own private nook in your home.

1. Location. You want to pick an area of your home where you feel most drawn to and that is practical. It most likely won’t be by the stove! Trust your gut. That’s usually where it is. If you want to get more technical, in Classical Feng Shui home is divided into 4 energy giving and 4 energy draining areas. If your private nook lands on one of the energy draining sections, it’s not the end of the world. With the right remedies that area can be energized and supported by using the right tones, elements and shapes. A classical Feng Shui home assessment will show you where these areas are in your home.

2. Color. What colors do you love? Include these colors into your private space. Seems obvious. Color is vibration. Ask yourself, if my essence were a color, what color would I be. Tune in. Or take my quiz to find out.

3. Intention. How do you want to feel when you spend time in this space? Think about 2-3 goals you want to accomplish this year, for example. What are some of the qualities you want to embody in order to get these results? This feeling tone is your intention.

4. Name. Give your space a name. This will make it more personal. People I know give their cars a name. Why not rooms? Like, The Great Dawn. She Shed. The Muse. Sweet Surrender.

5. Texture. Make it earthy with lots of different textures. We women are earth creatures. Soft blankets. Fluffy pillows, shaggy rugs, golden candleholders, wooden picture frames. Simple luxuries like this will make you feel good and when we feel good, everyone around you will!

6. Multi-purpose. We all need a night on our own once in a while. If possible, have a couch that folds into a bed. Sleep experts even say that sleeping alone is probably better for our health.

7. Lighting. It's time to hang that chandelier up! Your lady cave is made for it. No permissions needed.

8. Empty space. Save a little empty space on the floor for stretching and for a dance break. Plus it's good for the proper Qi flow.

9. Plants and flowers. Energize your room with vibrant plants. Get into a habit of buying yourself fresh flowers once a week. They bring good Wood Qi into your space, and will inspire you to create and vision your own life into a full bloom.


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