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So there you are, on your knees, struck by the overwhelming grief and disbelief. He is gone. And he is not coming back. 

Your puffy eyes full of panic go around the room scanning every item. Everything reminds you of him. He has hijacked your life without taking you with him. The dream is broken. The future is blank, non-existent. There is only this moment, and it is trapped tight inside your frozen heart.

Been there. So have you, most likely. 

When my husband walked out in 2011, no words could describe the pain inside my heart. I wanted to die. Then I heard a distant voice somewhere back in my brain. It whispered, "This is your time. Use it. This is a gift." 

At that moment all I could do was judge this voice for its twisted sense of humor.

Breakup Fast is designed for these moments of deep despair. 

Breakup Fast is a total transformation from head to toe, from your earthly core to your formless divinity. It is a clearing of anything and everything holding you back from what you truly deserve.

The two-month 1:1 total body temple cleanse

Let's get real. All memory is stored in our cells, our fat and muscle tissues, our organs and our blood. Our bodies are like one open diary. It is crucial to take some time after a breakup to cleanse the body so a complete reset can take place and you won't be carrying old habits, heartbreaks and patterns into your future. This allows you to rewrite your future and the choices you will make from here onwards. 

The sooner you start to eliminate and digest any outdated physical and mental debris, the sooner you will design a life you truly want and are ready to step into – it is already waiting for you.

This Breakup Fast package includes:

  • Seven (7) 60-minute calls (phone/skype) – designed to help your body and mind enter and come off the cleanse in a conscious manner.
  • Total of two months of coaching for your body, mind + spirit.
  • A 5-day guided fast/nutritional cleanse with short daily check-ins (w/Liver Flush -optional).
  • Handouts (pdf) + customized meditations (mp3)
  • Unlimited email and text access.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who's heart is still suffering from a recent breakup
  • People who have not been able to let go of someone in their past
  • Anyone who wants to bring more awareness to and let go of patterns that no longer work

What we will discover?

  • Tools for transforming stuck energy
  • A deeper meaning for breakups
  • How to cleanse the body, mind and heart
  • Basic guidelines for doing a 5-day cleanse/fast safely
  • Understanding energetic weight
  • Loss as an opportunity for growth
  • The hidden potential of heartache and how to unlock and activate it to serve you, your life and your dreams
  • Tools to rewrite your love story


Please note: There are no refunds. Contact me to schedule a call to decide if this is a right fit for you. 


About Riikka Rajamaki, MA

Nordic Initiatrix for women who are ready to rise from the ashes after a breakup ... and fly to the arms her true love.

I can say with great confidence that two of my main areas of expertise are food and men. I have suffered from eating and relationship disorders of all kinds and happily say today that my kitchen AND my bedroom are completely drama-free. And I want that for you, too.

The Breakup Fast was born from my desire to see women stop wasting their time and their heavenly feminine nectar with thoughts of what could have been and instead help them cut the cords, clear their circuits, their liver, wardrobe and belief systems – and amp up the radiance factor to bring in their TRUE love.

So: You + Me and some seriously Fun + Fabulous Future Activation.

Want to know more? Get in touch.

I have known Riikka for over ten years and in that time she has helped me entirely re-think my approach to food and eating. Not a trip to the grocery story goes by when I don’t think of something I learned from Riikka. I have participated in three fasts with her, which were fun and supportive and healing. Who knew going without food for seven days could be so easy and … enlightening. Riikka also coached me on nutrition and helped me learn to choose and cook healthier meals. And I even brought her in to cook for our office lunches so that we could have more conscious nutrition in the workplace. To say that Riikka has had a positive impact on my life is an understatement. She is also a very gifted healer and my life is better for knowing her.
— Laura Gates, Executive Coach
Riikka is a true healing angel and health guru wrapped into one babe-alicious package! It’s so inspiring working with her–she has practical solutions for practically anything you’re stuck on in your diet and wellness regimen. Riikka helped me redefine my nutrition goals and take them to a new level; within only a few months I had more energy, radiant skin, and my abs started to have a little definition!  Plus, she made the process pain-free, exciting, and fluid so there were no have-tos or absolute no-nos.  If you want someone who’ll encourage you to be your best without making you feel judged or icky, Riikka is your girl!”
— Amanda Noelle, PhD