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As is out, so is in.

To begin this transformative process of Feng Shui for your home, you’ll first need to submit the “Get Your Quote” form. This will help me better understand your needs and desires. 




Filling out my complete consultation questionnaire is a potent exercise that provides you and me with a deeper understanding of your challenges while giving us an opportunity to set a clear intention for the process and to define your goals.


(2 hours)

This on-site visit consists of first studying the landscape to learn how to best harness the Qi of your home’s surroundings. Then, I analyze the floor plan and Qi flow of your home. Finally, by using the Luo Pan compass, I define the favorable directions and sections for the property, as well as for each resident based on their date of birth. We'll also spend a moment tuning into the subconscious relationship you have with you house. 



A comprehensive written report will be delivered (printed copy and pdf) within 21 days. We’ll discuss the report over the phone. This takes 45 - 60 minutes. After the call we schedule a follow-up call 3 months into the future to review the adjustments you have implemented.

I once had a client who was ready for a partner but her home was filled with art representing a single woman.


Or another client whose son had trouble sleeping and it turned out there was a wifi router close to his bed.


There’s a term in Feng Shui called “Gan Ying”.


It refers to the inherit connection among all things.


For example:


  • Chaos in your bedroom translates to chaos in your love life or to a lack of quality sleep.

  • Your work papers displayed on a greasy kitchen table translate to stressful deadlines.

  • Unopened mail translates to late fees (and more stress).

  • Broken front door translates to weak boundaries.


If a plant is having a hard time, we don’t call it a bad plant, right?


Instead, we take a look at its immediate environment –


the soil, the light, the room temperature and we make sure it’s not exposed to a draft.


Similarly, Feng Shi is simply observing the relationship between all things.


If you want better relationships, look around your home.


What is the message you are reinforcing through your living space and belongings, over and over?


What is the on-going conversation you have with your home?


Fill out this form to tell me more.

Can't wait to hear all about it,



"I had always been uncertain of how to decorate and place furniture in my home, in order to align everything with the optimal flow and energies. After we struggled for months with furniture placement, and also family and relationship turbulence, I turned to Riikka for help. 

Working with Riikka was a very powerful experience, and I was so relieved to discover the areas of my home that were balanced, and also uncover the spaces that needed some change.  The solutions were subtle, but the results provided such a deep transformation for myself and my family.


Riikka is warm, caring and exceptionally intuitive.  Her formal written report, and guidance and discussions after the initial visit have been exceptional, and have brought such amazing growth and nourishment to our home and family.  I will always be so very grateful for her."

Erin | Pacifica, CA

"I felt at a loss of how to move forward, so I asked Riikka to do something complex: energetically and emotionally transition me and my family of 6 from a 5 bedroom/3 bath house to a 2 bedroom/ 2 bath house.  I did not know that is what I needed, but Riikka explained how it is difficult for all family members to leave their home of memories.  She and I created a questionnaire that everyone willingly and, honestly, enthusiastically answered.  She read these with me and we made a plan using their responses to guide the move. We also decided to have the whole family home for a final weekend of bonding in the old house and an introduction to the new house.  I do not think I would have been able to shape our move without Riikka’s help.

Riikka’s guidance through where to place items for a complete energetic flow was very important to me and my husband.  We were both engaged in her report and took to heart her involvement. 

By focusing our energetic needs, as well as the houses’ energetic needs, we were motivated to make the physical move quickly and smoothly.  We also were able to let go of ourselves having to be the only movers.  Many people were involved and it felt very nice to allow people to move us!

Riikka also followed up after the move, about three months later to see how the placement of furniture and flow of its use was working for us.  She blessed our new house and supported me so well that I was able to give freely to the move and sale of the old house.  Each day, I would awaken with new energy and take on what was before me.  I am very grateful for this clarity, an I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Hadley | San Anselmo, CA

"Riikka is a true healer and weaves these gifts into her feng shui consultations.  When she came over to assess my home, she really took in the details of physical layout as well as the energetics of the property.  She listened deeply to what I wanted to create and change in the overall feeling of my home and helped me clarify some of the key aspects of why things weren't flowing optimally. One of her strongest suggestions was to open up the outside front door entryway to allow more chi into the whole house.  A few weeks after she made this suggestion, I removed a huge juniper bush that had been covering the front wall for over 40 years. Wow!! What a complete visual and sensory shift! The outside of my home not only looks lighter and brighter, but I'm sleeping better too. I have been living in my home for over 10 years and this has been a welcome change.  I was surprised at how simple the remedy was and how powerful the effects are. I'm going to look into the other suggestions she made because now I know they really do work!"

Elizabeth | Novato, CA

"When Riikka visited our home for the initial consultation she was warm, interested and welcomed all my questions. That allowed me to share very openly about the ups and downs of my relationship to my home. My biggest wish was to bring the house into present time and let go of some of the stagnant energies (goodbye old curtains and furniture) that were no longer useful. After her visit Riikka laid out a deep and truthful, personally crafted report to lead us into the present with greater harmony and alignment with our living space. Riikka’s beautiful Feng Shui roadmap was infused with ancient Chinese wisdom and her unique modern eye, the perfect mix. Her enhancement plans were laid out very clearly, so we were able to apply them right away. Implementing her suggestions has created more coherence and joy in our house, I feel much more aligned with my home now. Overall it was Riikka’s passion for the art of Feng Shui and unique sense of style that made this a real success! Riikka gives above and beyond what is expected."

Mariette | Petaluma, CA

"I recently worked with Riikka to deepen my “spring cleaning”. I had embarked on a decluttering process and felt that her insights about Feng Shui would deepen the process. Her approach is thorough and insightful and I’m excited to implement her suggestions. My favorite part of the process was receiving her report, which included visuals and enhancements for every area of my home."

Pam | Fairfax, CA

Carly | Bolinas, CA

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