As is out, so is in.


To begin this transformative process of Feng Shui for your home or office, you’ll first need to submit the “Get Your Quote” form. This will help me better understand your needs and desires. Price is based on the size of your home or business and ranges from $1500 - $3000. 




Filling out my complete consultation questionnaire is a potent exercise that provides you and me with a deeper understanding of your challenges while giving us an opportunity to set a clear intention for the process and to define your goals.


(2 hours)

This on-site visit consists of first studying the landscape to learn how to best harness the Qi of your home’s surroundings. Then, I analyze the floor plan and Qi flow of your home. Finally, by using the Luo Pan compass, I define the favorable directions and sections for the property, as well as for each resident based on their date of birth.



A comprehensive written report will be delivered (printed copy and pdf) within 21 days. We’ll discuss the report over the phone. This takes 45 - 60 minutes. After the call we schedule a follow-up call 3 months into the future to review the adjustments you have implemented.

Riikka Rajamaki | Feng Shui

I once had a client who was ready for a partner but her home was filled with art representing a single woman.


Or another client whose son had trouble sleeping and it turned out there was a wifi router close to his bed.


There’s a term in Feng Shui called “Gan Ying”.


It refers to the inherit connection among all things.


For example:


  • Chaos in your bedroom translates to chaos in your love life or to a lack of quality sleep.

  • Your work papers displayed on a greasy kitchen table translate to stressful deadlines.

  • Unopened mail translates to late fees (and more stress).

  • Broken front door translates to weak boundaries.


If a plant is having a hard time, we don’t call it a bad plant, right?


Instead, we take a look at its immediate environment –


the soil, the light, the room temperature and we make sure it’s not exposed to a draft.


Similarly, Feng Shi is simply observing the relationship between all things.


If you want better relationships, look around your home.


What is the message you are reinforcing through your living space and belongings, over and over?


What is the on-going conversation you have with your home?


Fill out this form to tell me more. 




Things! Burn them, burn them! Make a beautiful fire! More room in your heart for love, for the trees! For the birds who own nothing—the reason they can fly.”

Mary Oliver

This course will help you purge your home of anything that no longer serves you going forward so you can create a home that is a true sanctuary for your soul.

This course is different because it’s designed to solve the core issues that created your clutter in the first place. (Hint: It's not just about deciding if your stuff “sparks joy.”)


And when you do this, the constant seeking can stop. That heavy feeling you feel will be replaced with lightness. You can go on an adventure and enjoy your life because everything you need is inside you.



Your home is the most immediate, obvious and unused resource you have to improve your relationships.

Your home is an extension of you – whatever your challenge, your house knows about it.

This challenge has manifested itself somewhere in your living space.

I guarantee it.

And when you identify where that is, you can address it.

Change the energy of it.

Move it.

Contain it.

Energize it.

Magnify it.

This is pure alchemy.

Home alchemy.

If you learn to listen to your house and work with your house, you will make your home your biggest ally in all your creations.

“HOME ALCHEMY” sessions are perfect for you if you:

  • Have a problem in any of your relationships or simply need to shift the energy of your home

  • Are serious about learning how you can unlock the potential your house has in supporting your goals

  • Want to improve your relationship with your home

  • Are considering to relocate

Inaugural price: $500

Includes: Two sessions (in-person and/or via video), 60-90 minutes each.