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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an elegant, scientific system formalized over 4000 years ago in China to help harmonize our lives with the physical environment. It functions on the premise that we are influenced by everything physical we see and touch, as well as by the invisible energy of the non-physical realm. We are not separate from all that surrounds us—our homes, our workplaces and playgrounds! There is no "one size fits all" in Feng Shui. Your environment has to be suited to your own nature, and also to the qualities you want to attract and cultivate in your life. In order to be healthy and happy, to enjoy love and success, then your space has to support and nourish these desires.


Yin and Yang

According to yin and yang theory, all things in our Universe are composed of two opposing, but deeply intertwined forces. The Yin is passive and feminine — the Yang is active and masculine; a balanced home has a harmonious flow from both active and passive energies. 

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Seen and Unseen

In a literal translation, feng means “wind” and shui means “water”. They are inseparable and connected. Water represents everything that is manifested as form and can be seen in "earthly space" (Qi or Chi). It is related to the Taoist understanding that everything is alive and filled with Qi (or energy) and how we arrange objects and where we live has a direct affect on all aspects of our lives.

Wind represents the vibrational world that is beyond our three-dimensional reality and honors all things that are formless and unmanifested in "heavenly time" (Known in Chinese as "Wuji").

5 Phases (Elements)

Wood, fire, earth, metal and water are five archetypal elements found in nature that can be viewed as the building blocks to help one cultivate potent and vital energy in any space. Like everything in nature, these elements are in constant flux and they shift in quality between one state and the next. Each element expresses its Qi in colors, shapes and materials. The idea is not to simply have equal amounts of these elements in one space, but rather to know how to apply these elements to awaken any dormant Qi with the appropriate ones. Think of them as spices - a qualified chef knows how to work with the flavors to create a delicious meal. A qualified feng shui consultant knows how to orchestrate the elements to work to your favor.

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