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This article was first published in Holistic Fashionista

Do you have those perfect ankle boots sitting in your closet that you have not worn for two years? You remember the moment you fell in love with them and although they were just a tiny bit too small, you made them work. They are timeless and classic. They were so “you”. But for some reason, you no longer want to wear them. But it’s hard to let go of them. Most of us have a piece of clothing like that.

Clothes have a frequency. They are an extension of your aura, your energy field. It’s natural that when you evolve and raise your vibration, your wardrobe stops matching your spirit, your true essence. If you wear clothes that are not in alignment with who you really are, you might be giving the world a mixed message. And not only that – you may not feel comfortable in your own skin.

And when we don’t feel comfortable in our skin, we are not able to radiate our brightest light.

Part of us is still attached to the past. But when manifesting and co-creating our desires, we need to be fully in the present time.

Here are 3 steps you can take to ensure that your clothes express your purest essence:

1 :: Put aside a couple of hours to go through every single piece of clothing you own. Before you get started, take a moment to meditate, ground and connect to your inner space. When you feel centered, clear and connected, put on each piece, one by one, close your eyes and tune in to how you are feeling. While keeping your eyes closed, ask yourself the following questions: Do I feel light? Do I feel heavy? Is this piece expressing my essence? Is this helping me move forward on my path? Is it holding me back? Be honest with yourself. Believe what you hear. If you get a “no”, let it go.

2 :: Know the difference between your “fantasy self” and your “future self”/”potential self”. These are the two energies often present when editing our wardrobe.

The fantasy self is attached to the ideal (unrealistic) version of ourselves, or to the vague idea of what we think we love. For example, you own lots of business suits because you like to think of yourself – or you would like to be seen as – as “the boss lady”. When in reality, you enjoy feminine flowy dresses.

The fantasy self views the world from the three lower chakras. The first chakra needs to feel secure, the second needs to feel wanted and the third thrives from feeling powerful. So our wardrobe is a collection of clothes that fulfill this purpose.

The future self or the potential self does not care how the world sees us, as long as we are completely at home with ourselves. Every item in our closet reminds us that we each have a mission here on the planet and each item – the color, the material, the designer – is in true harmony with our values. Each morning when we get dressed, we feel ease and inspiration, clarity and purpose.

The future self is co-creating her world from the higher chakras and she knows everything is energy. Including her clothes.

Take a look at your wardrobe and choose to keep clothes that take you towards your best self.

3 :: Each morning when you get dressed, set an intention for your day. If you have an important meeting or a date coming up, ask yourself: What qualities do I need to embody today in order to have the preferred outcome? What is the color or colors that represent this intention? Those are the colors you want to wear on that particular day. When we learn to see everything – including our clothes – as energy, fashion stops being a superficial luxury but an essential part of our spiritual practice. Learn to view your closet as a symbol for manifestation.

Dress up your Spirit, and watch the miracles unfold.



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