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If you had a chance to dive into The 11 Principles of Living Light / The Sovereign Woman Manifesto, you’ll have noticed that I mentioned colonics.

I said, “Question your gut unless you have had a colonic.”

Be honest – did you roll your eyes after reading that?

Let me explain.

“Gut health” describes the function and balance of bacteria in the many parts of the GI tract.

“Trusting your gut” means following the physical signals your body gives you about whether you are making the right or wrong decision. This intuitive sense occurs when the neurons in your gut communicate with those in your brain.

If there is a bacterial imbalance in your gut your brain may not receive the clearest communication from your belly.

Also, the gut is the physical location of the energy centers (chakras) that deal with willpower, ego and the need to be liked.

When we function from this place, we tend to react rather than respond to life.

It takes time to develop your intuition and to learn to tune in to your personal guidance system.

So when I say “Question your gut”, it simply means pay attention to how in touch you are with your intuition and how balanced your GI tract is.

The modern human colon is a graveyard and it does not usually speak the language of truth.

Instead, it perpetuates dysfunctional patterns, deep programming and habits that reinforce the past, not the future. (Like, attracting the same guy in a different body.)

We humans are holistic beings.

Our behavior is not only psychological, but also a result of our physical health.

So cleaning your colon allows this old waste–and old ways—to leave your body, for good.

It clears your mind, too.

I’m not saying go do a colonic.

You need to discuss that with your healthcare provider.

But if you are intrigued, do research about it.

It has been shown to clear up many of the persistent symptoms in the body.

I also believe it helps us break old habits, emotionally and psychologically.

And when we do that, we get happy. Or … happier.

To your gut,


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