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“Follow what’s meaningful and you’ll most likely encounter what you least want to encounter.” – Carl Jung

Have you ever “followed your bliss” and, instead of finding yourself at the end of the rainbow,

you wound up at the dump going through your own trash?


Me too.

What’s meaningful to you will test you.

What’s meaningful to you will challenge you.

What’s meaningful to you will break you.

It does not mean you are on the wrong path.

You’re here on a very clear assignment and in order for you to walk your true path,

you’re required to surrender.

You’re required to surrender all the other paths.

Even the ones with better vistas, more rest areas and prettier landscaping.

As a matter of fact, sometimes, if you’re lucky, you are asked to pave your own road,

you know, do the digging, carry the rocks – all that.

It’s because your path is only for you to walk and you’re the only one who can walk it.

And it’s only by walking this path that the path appears.

Going this route does not require trust – trust is the outcome.

You are asked to commit to what’s meaningful.

It won’t always be blissful. Not always fun. Not always sexy. Not immediately rewarding.

But absolutely worth it, sweetheart.

The Universe loves you enough not to buy into your demands.

And how else do you know that you are on the right path?

You are not looking for approval. Your gaze is inward.

You are not gathering information. You tap your inner knowing.

There’s no urgency, panic or impulse– and there’s no tip-toeing.

Nobody to be, nothing to prove, and nothing to hide.

Things flow.

You have become a quiet force blasting through the ethers

forging your own route to your rainbow.



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