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A job, a habit, a routine, a relationship is over. What follows is a pause. That groundbreaking stillness between exhale and inhale. Empty space. Unknown. "Fuck, now what?" Depending on how comfortable you are with that question, you will either suffer or..... FLY.

The big change is here. Big decisions are knocking at your door. Maybe you are still waiting to feel secure enough to make the move. Unfortunately sometimes the Universe does not follow linear time with our human rationalities (watch the movie Arrival). There are no endings and beginnings. The most powerful language is the language of listening.

Here are a few steps you can take when you find yourself in crossroads and unsure how to be in the "silence between the notes" (past and future):

1. Do nothing. At least do not freak out. It's a funeral, for god's sake. You do not need to cry, but show respect. A chapter of your life is dead. There's no way of denying that. There's no point trying to bring it back to life. That would be too messy. And smelly. Acknowledge the feelings that are popping up like random mushrooms after a storm. Use all your strength to "just be with it all". Take a day off, or a weekend, or a year. Allow this energy of change to refine and prepare you for the next step.

When the noise stops, we are able to hear better. Everything.

We may notice pains that we were not able to notice before.

Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. They’re all the same.

Listen to them.

Try not to interrupt. Let them finish telling you what is going on.

And then it is your turn. To make it better. Or to make a request.

Or to simply continue your life with more awareness.


2. Take action to say goodbye. If you are planning to move, gently cut your cords (attachments) to your house and town. You can do that by simply visualizing strings between you and the place, and taking cosmic scissors to cut the strings and redirecting them back to the source above you. Do the same if it's a person, or a job. Maybe fast for a few days. Clean your body temple. After that, have a garage sale, erase your ex's text messages, burn your wardrobe, sell your bed. Whatever it is that you need to do to physically make space for the new, do it. Don't wait.

(Repeat: don't wait.)

3. Buy flowers. (What????) What I mean is, beautify your environment. Fill the empty space with something fresh. Energetically fill your heart space and all the other places where the cords were attached to with bright heavenly golden light. Raise your vibration internally and externally. Eat vibrant foods and drink green drinks. Shock your body with goodness. Or, if that's all you have done your entire life, then go have an In-N-Out burger. Or a cinnamon bun.

4. Get to work. Set a time each day to do what you want to do, not what you are supposed to do (like anxiously emailing your resumes to open positions on Craigslist or possible dates on Tinder). A big difference. Maybe in the past you had often wished you had more time so you could write that book or learn to dance tango. Well, your prayers were answered. The time is here. Your mind may worry about money: "How irresponsible of me to spend my time doing things that don't bring me my next paycheck. I will starve and be homeless if I do what I really love!" Really? True security does not come from money, it comes from the inner richness, from things that light us up and bring the spark back to our eyes. That's being a millionaire. And guess what? That frequency guarantees that we will also always be provided what we need.

5. When the past calls, don't answer. Or pick up and say, "I've already moved to the future".

My prayer this morning to all of you on the other side of this flame: Go with courage into the future. Remember what is important. Put your focus on that. Feed the holy fire in your heart. Whatever it takes, follow the spark. Sit by the bonfire of your life and let it consume you, until you join the sun and rest of the stars. Amen.

Love. Deeply.


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