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They say the greatest journey is the one we take inside ourselves. I have dedicated my life to this journey, by bringing my touch to as many people as possible, helping you become stronger, more relaxed and more aligned with your true purpose here on Earth.

As a little girl growing up in Finland, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching the village elders kneading sticky dough into silky smooth perfect round buns and bread loaves. Ever since then my dream was to become a baker, using the gift of my hands in service.

After receiving my very first massage in 2001 in Brooklyn, NY, my life took a turn and I realized my hands were meant to be used for another purpose. A healing purpose.

My hands have touched people from all walks of life. From celebrities to homeless, from CEO’s to stay at home Moms, my passion knows no boundary.

I truly enjoy exploring the bridge between both worlds, the light and the dark, helping my clients and everyone I meet use life's experiences as a catalyst to remembering their purpose of being alive. 

Slow, deep tissue and thorough energy balancing. Body attunement. No techniques. No routine. Just laser sharp listening and a heaping dose of compassion. 

To book a session, please call or text at 415 - 300 - 7578.

Or book online


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She has an innate ability to create a space, both in a room and between people, that is respectful, natural, and safe for people to relax and allow her to work on their bodies. Regardless of where she gives you a session, her space is always clean, ready, and welcoming. I always feel completely trusting of her to manage whatever comes up externally so that I can relax and allow my body to release and transform internally. My body and mind have completely changed since I have been working with Riikka. This may seem like a normal thing for a massage therapist to be able to do, but Riikka does it better than anyone I have ever worked with. She has perfected the massage experience. — Hadley D.

I often feel at the end of a session that I have been touched by an angel and I am not a very otherworldly type. — Carla B.

Riikka’s gift is truly amazing. She has the natural ability to bring through pure, Divine healing in the most graceful manner that is easy to receive. The massage is just the added benefit of her healing gift! Her massages are also the best I’ve ever received. Thank You Riikka for sharing your light.
— Veronica C.

Riikka is very giving and talented in this work she performs. But this is by far too temperate an accolade, too tame to accurately characterize her. Riikka is, without a doubt, a truly gifted, warm-hearted, highly intuitive and brilliant healer and healing spirit. She does personify, embody the essence of her chosen art. In her work, the inventiveness, the attention, the integrity and quality of care in every aspect is simply off the charts. She is real, genuine and beautiful in every way. That she is so quick to participate in spontaneous, comic repartee in the context of our massage sessions speaks in a kind of sweet eloquence of her blithe spirit and lithe, sparkling intelligence. She is a naturally generous being, kind and kind of fun too. — William D.

A Lucky Star

A gentle air and deep wisdom abounds
Eyes a penetrating steel blue, gold skin, a chiseled 120 pounds

A never wavering intention throughout her days
Tedious or mystical, a desire to lift always stays

Present not only in her mind, spirit, or soul
It’s in her shining smile even when dark days toll, when foggy nights roll

They call her the Finnish Swan
Her healing light transferred to all her hands rest on
Also known as the charming Finn
Blonde outside, spiritual strength and love within
But I just call her a lucky star
She to me, a lucky star
Hope she doesn’t venture off too far
A lucky star My lucky star

Balance is her mastered game
With a matrix of tools she seeks to mend what’s maimed

She nurtures sown seeds and those who fall
Aware of sustenance and the universal gestalt of all
With her you are in trusted care

Her connection strong and her ways so fare
Hers is a combined touch of silk and oak
Yet her Aries fire you’ll wish to stoke.

— Craig B.

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