Aligning inner and outer worlds.

What is FENG SHUI?

ˌfeNG ˈSHo͞oē/

the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house.

When we are being intentional in design, we consider its effect on emotion and well-being. 

When you and I start working together, the first three primary questions are:

Does your room have:


My view on feng shui: don’t put your bed in front of the door because you won’t get in.” 
― Jonas Eriksson


Unfortunately, Feng Shui has mingled with superstition. Luckily, it’s easy to expose myths. Don’t think ‘things’, think ‘energy’.” 
― Stefan Emunds


"Home is not a place, it's a feeling."



We start with a brief phone or email exchange to understand your needs, to take a look at your floor plan and to fill out a questionnaire (filled by everyone living in the same home). Filling out my complete consultation questionnaire is a potent exercise that gives a deeper understanding of your challenges and an opportunity to set a clear intention for the process, and define your goals and vision.

The consultation consists of total of two visits on site. During the first visit, Riikka will walk through the space and take notes and during the second visit she will offer advice and suggest practical ways for you to create the function, flow and feel that will bring positive change to your life.

5-10 hour packages available also. Perfect if you need help decluttering your home office, for example, or if you are working on any other bigger project you need help with.

Kitchen Ki 

We start with in-person holistic health history consultation to better understand the dietary direction needed based on your life situation. During the first visit Riikka will also walk through your kitchen taking notes to see what is needed to bring better flow and energy to your kitchen. During the second visit we will take action and transform your kitchen into an inspiring space that will support you to make all the necessary dietary and life style changes needed for you to start living a life with more vitality. 

Optional add on: A 5-day Vita Ki Fast. Perfect after a divorce or a breakup or if you want to kick start a new life or simply improve your immune system and creativity. 



Closet Ki

We start by taking a look at your wardrobe and creating three piles: yes, no and maybe. We take the necessary action to organize and update your closet to reflect who you truly are and where you want to go. Riikka will help you refine your personal style and build you better wardrobe by simplifying and listening the guidance of your Spirit ... What would your Spirit wear? When our inner and outer worlds meet in the way we dress, we become magnets for success. 


Tell me more about you and your home:

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Tell me about your situation in details. Is it one room or the entire house, that needs tender loving care? Kitchen cabinets? Wardrobe? Do you need help getting rid of stuff? Empty the basement? Decide on what paint color to pick? Declutter your office so you can focus better? Or, are you looking to get pregnant, get a promotion, improve your health or find a partner? I look forward to working with you.