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Your home is the most unused resource you have to improve your life.



House Therapy sessions are the perfect remedy for you if you are struggling with big life decisions. 


Home reflects self.


Your home will tell you everything you need to know about your life, if you ask.


Even things you didn't know or weren’t aware of.


Maybe you are in a neighborhood that doesn’t fit your lifestyle?


Maybe you and your partner have different priorities but have not found a way to communicate about it and the home environment reflects that?


Maybe you are ready to move but not sure where to?

Maybe you had a negative experience with a tenant and you are dealing with the aftermath of that?


Maybe a renovation you are planning keeps having roadblocks?


Maybe something just feels off and life is on hold?


During the session you and I go deep into the subconscious to connect with the energy of your home and eventually make the unconscious conscious.


Often what gets revealed can be surprising.

I had the honor to visit Carly for a House Alchemy session. Here’s what she shared about her experience:


This is a perfect fit if you


  • Need to shift the energy of your home

  • Are serious about learning how you can unlock the potential your house has in supporting your goals

  • Want to deepen your relationship with your home



Cost: $525


Includes: One 2–hour in-depth session with emotional and space clearing (online over Zoom or in-person in Marin and Sonoma County, extra travel fee for SF and East Bay) and a 15-minute follow-up session (via phone). I will email you to schedule your appointment.


I look forward to meeting you!

P.S. If you are more interested in Classical Feng Shui, please visit this page.

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