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The reason you keep attracting the same man in a different body is not because something is wrong with you.

The reason you have your ex still embedded in your consciousness even years later is not because something is wrong with you.

The reason your heart keeps breaking in each relationship is not because something is wrong with you.

The reason your bathtub backs up with water, stagnates and grows bacteria and mold is not because something is wrong with the bathtub itself.

It’s because there is too much hair in the drain and the hair has created a blockage!

Similarly your energy field (your chakras) gets blocked with unresolved childhood memories, resentment, beliefs, emotions and energetic clutter of each partner you have ever slept with – and if not dealt with – will keep you stuck in a behavior and thought pattern that is restricting your ability to choose a new way with men.

The good news is at its core, each pattern has a simple beginning.

There’s no point trying to heal without first going into the root.

It'd be a waste of your precious time, and energy – and sanity.

Like weeding a garden and only cutting off what's above the ground.

You need to get underground, baby.

Dig deeper.

Travel back in time.

To your childhood.

(Surprise, surprise!)

What expressions, actions and behavior did you witness then?

See, our parents were our heroes.

Your dad was your god.

Their world was the only world we knew.

Beliefs are learned.

“Men are pigs.” “I’ll be better alone.” “Women are needy.”

If you want something to change, you need to unlearn these beliefs.

Not by learning affirmations, not by choosing a new mindset.

That is still working on the level of the mind.

(Not long-lasting. Not the root.)

These beliefs are imprinted in your energy field.

Past your physical, mental and emotional layer of your being.

In your chakras.

(Yes, we are multidimensional.)

Decluttering is an INSIDE JOB.


Any issues related to your right to be here or right to have are clouding your first chakra.

Any issues related to change, sexuality and nurturance are occupying space in your second.

Any issues related to self-esteem are blocking your third, and so on.

Until you clear those false beliefs and replace them with new, aligned ones,

no matter how much you go on dates or journal about your future man,

that old, learned pattern is still in you.

This rewiring is one of my favorite aspects of my work.

Together we explore each chakra, bring awareness to any imbalances you may have, clear the blockages and return them back to their open, aligned and fluid state.

And when you do that, you change – and your relationships change.

Your health will change.

The way you communicate will change.

Your friendships will change.

Your living space will change.

The way you work will change.

“Be the change…"

INNER COMPASS is now open for registration!



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