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There was a moment in my life I had no place to call home.

(One hot, humid and historical NYC summer of 2001, to be exact.)

I owned no keys.

You could call me privileged –

I had chosen to leave my sane and safe motherland,

to get myself in all kinds of trouble – the good and the bad kind.

I used to walk the streets at night, and through the windows see families gather around the dining table.

I felt nurtured by what I saw, as if I were there with them.

And – I also felt lonely.

I used to go to the health food store on University Place to sample food for dinner.

Looking back, I’m not surprised I ended up in the home business.

I have developed a sixth sense for homes over the years,

And I have put it to good use as I coach women with their spaces.

Recently I have been contemplating a lot about “dream spaces.”

What makes a space a dream space?

Is it the furniture? The rose quartz kitchen countertops? The walk-in closet?

Is it the size? The location? The view?

Or is it the smell, the colors, the sounds, the feeling of it?

If the house is the mirror of self, what do you see when you look at your house?

Is your living space bringing out the best in you? Or the worst?

On the subconscious level, your home shapes your sense of self.

But remember, you are an active participant.

You and your home are in an intimate relationship with each other.

If you don’t like what you see and feel when you walk into your home,

Ask yourself if you like what you see and feel when you look into the mirror.

The question is, where to start?

With the chicken or the egg?

Harmonizing your living space is not going to bring you enlightenment,

but it will ask you to confront areas of your “inner floorplan” that you may be avoiding.

So … Start with what feels easiest. And kindest.

The rest will follow.



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