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Last Sunday my partner Brent and I went to a baseball game. I’m not a fan, neither is he, but we got invited and it gave us a great reason to go to the City.

Halfway into the game it got pretty clear that the Giants were

going to lose – The score was 6-0. Brent said it was highly probable that they were going to lose.

“But what about the possibility of winning??” I said, almost jumping out of my seat. I was convinced that, if we were to shift our perspective and energy, we could change the course of events – or at least do our best in supporting the players. Isn’t that why we were there?

I invited us to move from the left brain, that place that only sees what it sees, into our right brain, the side of the brain identified with imagination, creativity and magic. As soon as we did that, the Giants scored a home run. I want to believe that they felt my cheerleading! They lost the game, but that single moment stayed with me and I started to think about the difference between probability and possibility. What is happening in your life right now that would benefit from you holding it as a possibility instead of a probability? What situation or relationship or project feels overwhelming? Does it feel overwhelming because you are looking at it through a very narrow lens? If you expanded your vision and your own energetic space, would you be able to see a different way out? Would it help you see outside the box? And how would this experience stretch you? This is the path of co-creation – we allow for a possibility that we did not see previously to enter our horizon, and with that we invite unexpected support and synchronicities into our life. And where in your life are you holding a possibility that is not realistic – in other words, perhaps you are carrying a burden or responsibility that is not yours to carry? Is there a dream you are after that, no matter how beautiful and perfect it is in your eyes, it is not in alignment for the highest good of you and those involved? Where in your life are you holding on to a possibility simply because it feels too painful to get real and admit that it’s a dead-end?

This is the path of radical honesty – we recognize a pattern that keeps us daydreaming when in reality we are asked to make changes and take action in an area that is not always comfortable.

To be sovereign is to know the difference. Love,

P.S. My book Living Light: The 11 Principles of a Sovereign Woman is coming out this Fall. In this honest and raw how-to guide I will invite you to: 1. Explore eleven different ways you give your power away—willingly, unwillingly, and, many times, without even knowing it; 2. Free yourself from the conditioning you have learned since birth; 3. Follow your own truth. By the end of Living Light you will understand how to mend that which was broken, how to have the courage to accept your limitations and go beyond them, how to reclaim your inner agency, live light, love big and make a difference in your own unique way. Stay tuned for the pre-launch party! If we are not connected yet on social media, go send me a friend request on facebook or follow me on Instagram.


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