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Earlier this year I visited a client’s house for our first in-person meeting. She had hired me to help her and her family in what she calls “Transition Feng Shui.”

They had recently purchased a second home and my role was to help them smoothly and creatively cohabit both houses until they would eventually make the move to the new house.

Here are some of my thoughts as a result of our rich conversation:

  • Home is not a thing, it’s an event. It’s a living organism that grows and evolves along with its habitants. The walls record it all and become the timeline of the family.

  • Home is not where our stuff is (a storage unit can never be a home) but where the people we love are. And sometimes these people are all over the map. The four walls of our home stretch their edges and we learn to stretch with them. We learn to expand our love to places it normally would not go.

  • Moving is the ultimate exfoliant. Think of a snake. It’s the perfect moment to consider what is essential to our well-being, growth and happiness – and what isn’t.

  • Art made by family members is love made visible. It’s the glue that keeps it all together, the good and the bad.

  • Being in two different places at once is impossible. Having two separate homes is not. But the trick is to create a very strong intention for both homes. Each serves a different purpose. Each brings out a different aspect of us. Each one feeds us just what we need. You can feel grounded and settled in both.

Home is a feeling. How do you feel in your own home right now, today? How would you like to feel in your home today? What changes could you make to bring that feeling out more in you? And then what would be possible?



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