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Women on a spiritual path understand that everything is energy.

These women have studied the chakras, seen angels and meditation is a daily thing.

What I have noticed over the years is that for these highly sensitive people, somehow, clutter serves a very specific purpose.

It’s a buffer.

A boundary.



Because it all just feels too much sometimes.

Intuitive women feel often exposed, things are coming at them 24/7

So they need cushioning.

They surround themselves with stuff.

Everything is draining.

If this is you, you feel other people’s stuff sometimes more than your own, so having clutter helps deflect all that noise.

You do not always feel like cutting the cords to people, places and things.

Sometimes you just want to take a break from it all.

And sometimes you feel so light that you worry you will float away.

But clutter is a good anchor.

It keeps you here.

On Earth.

You’re a misfit.

A creative artist.

A tender beauty with so much to offer.

At times you feel alone.

You want a good life, a fun life, but parties and social gatherings are exhausting.

So you stay home a lot.

With your stuff.

Home is your hiding place.

And sometimes you shop just to fill your home with more stuff.

But you long for connection.

Real human flesh to flesh connection.

We all want love. We all want to connect, be understood, seen and heard.

People are drawn to you because of your empathic nature,

But unfortunately they often only take, not give.

So you hide.

You take naps.

But it all hurts.

It’s a cycle.

What you need is not at Nordstrom, nor at the crystal shop, but inside yourself.

You have tried to create a life that is in alignment with your values,

But something is still not quite flowing.

Clutter is actually not protecting your energy, but leaking it.

It’s a domino effect.

Money, relationships, and dreams slip away, too.

If this is you, check out the Living Light course – together we can break this cycle.



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