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You want to feel light but you don’t think it’s possible.

You want a space that is warm, clean, relaxed and simple,

But you don’t think it’s possible.

You want a space that is easy to maintain

But you don’t think it’s possible.

It’s hard to keep up.

There’s desire, and then there’s reality.

Those two don’t belong to the same sentence.

Next life, maybe.

There’s always too much to do.

Chaos is more familiar than calm.

Good mothers don’t take time for themselves.

It’s vain.


No, it’s not vain.

Good mothers do what it takes to fill their own cup, first.

Who is nurturing the nurturer?

I’m not a mother, so please forgive me if I sound arrogant.

My experience in helping many women with clutter is that

Usually the dysfunction women tolerate in their living space

Is directly proportional to the dysfunction they tolerate in their emotional life.

The overwhelm, heaviness, stuckness, and anxiety.

So my big promise to you is that when you follow my Living Light Method and declutter the exterior,

You also declutter the interior.

And vice versa.

The Living Light declutter course is designed to get to the root of the issue.

You’ll get to take a look at the root belief (root attachment) that is holding you back from living your desired life.

You’ll get to move through the blocks, clear the closets and set yourself free from any and all baggage that is making your step and heart heavy.

You’ll get to practice setting boundaries with STUFF and when you do that,

You learn to set better boundaries with people, situations, places and thoughts, too.

It’s the same muscle.

Let’s tone it and wake up the dormant Chi, together.

Here's what one of the participants, Kristen, shared with me:

Riikka’s Living Light Declutter course was just what I needed to kick start my decluttering process! She offers a different approach to cleaning house. Riikka helped me better understand how my relationship to things and what I choose to keep is driven by my core beliefs. Through the interactive modules, meditations, activities, and zoom sessions I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my motivations. I was able to create a roadmap to address the clutter in my life that has been holding me back. Highly recommend this course!

And Christina:

My biggest struggles with my relationship to clutter are procrastination and consistency. I`ve started decluttering more times than I can count but never completed any area. I read the Marie Kondo book and managed to go through my clothes, books, and paperwork but didn`t finish everything. That method is useful to a point, but it is too extreme - does it bring you joy? Yes or No. It didn`t really deal with the mental or emotional or historical attachments to clutter.

This course has the physical [aspects] of sorting through and getting rid of clutter. The main elements focused on my mental, emotional, and historical issues with clutter. How it is linked to my childhood and feeling safe when surrounded by stuff.

Decluttering does not feel so overwhelming or impossible now. A lot of the frustration and anger (at myself) has lessened or disappeared. There is so much more space in my closet and in my living room. I can feel the openness and energy.


P.S. This free masterclass is a good place to start. It includes a powerful guided meditation at the end that will help you get to the root and help you crack the clutter code!


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