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The longing you feel right now is not for another human. 

It’s for god.

You are not required to believe in god for this to be true.

God is a symbol for the mystery you can not explain, control or manipulate.

And, you can not have an experience of god unless you let go of the need to do those things.

God is the realm you want to get to know really well, if you are desiring to find your human match. 

You are not seeking your other half, remember?

You are here to find your “other whole.”

When you do, the honeymoon will never end.

You do not have to pretend to be someone you are not.

You have someone on your side who calls you out if you forget why you are here.

Without god, dating becomes a desperate search to fill a hole no-one can fill for you.

God is the only true matchmaker worth investing in:

Your membership will never expire. You can only swipe right. You need no photos. Just your truth. Unfiltered. Raw.

When you work with me, god runs the show.

I’m just a facilitator for the Presence that wants to awaken within you.


  • Work one–on–one with someone who sees you from the perspective who you really are?

  • Let go of mental and emotional clutter and the energetic weight that is holding you back from fully stepping into your mojo​?

  • Soften your heart and heal your intimate relationships?

  • Master your energy field and the energy you put out and let in on a daily basis?

  • Know how to use intuition in business and leadership – and in everything that you do?

  • Try out something different? You feel drained by cookie-cutter coaching.

  • Learn to access Source directly, where there will no longer be a need for external validation?

  • Have fun while doing this?

SPIRITCOACH® copy_edited_edited.jpg


The Spirit Coach® Methodology is a system that awakens Divine potential and reminds you that all the answers you are seeking outside, are within you.


Many of us are familiar with the importance of the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. Yet most of us lead our lives from our mind and not from our spirit or intuition. When we lead from the mind, we can't create balance because we are not connected to Source, which brings us into alignment with our higher self. Without this connection, there's always a feeling that something is missing in our lives; no matter how much we achieve, have or do, there is still this feeling of being disconnected.

This is an opportunity for you to change that, for good.  



Spirit Coaching sessions are done over the phone, in a safe and supportive environment. Calls last for one hour, minimum of two calls per month. Our time together consists of meditation, intuitive reading and healing, and energy management practices that will help you awaken your own intuitive abilities and greater connection to Spirit.


This work is designed to directly address the energetic blocks that are keeping you from living the life you desire. There is no formula. Instead, each call is led by your Spirit. You will learn tools that will help you access and fine-tune your inner compass so that you can move forward in your life with confidence and grace. 

Reminder: Coaching is not advice, psychotherapy or counseling. I’m not a licensed therapist nor trained in trauma work. I don't offer medical advice. I want to make sure all your needs are taken care of during our time together, so professional referrals will be given, if needed.



I'd love to to hear from you. I encourage you to purchase a single 60 minute session with me – with no obligation to continue. If you choose to continue, the fee will be subtracted from the initial 8-pack of sessions. I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in your healing, growth and expansion. 

"You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it's better to listen to what it has to say."

                                                                 – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Let me guess.


You've read this far because you are listening to that little voice inside that tells you to keep reading.


Am I correct?

This little voice is called your intuition. Your inner guidance. Your Spirit. It is the very first voice we hear, before it is taken over by the editor/body guard called the Mind.

And this little voice, as tiny and insignificant it may seem, carries all the answers, all the wisdom and all the guidance you will ever need.

What if you lived your life listening to this little voice all the time?

What if you learnt to strengthen this little muscle?

We all have it.

What is the little voice telling you right at this moment? Do you still hear it?

Or is it taken over by comments like: My life is fine as it is. I may not always make the best choices and I may not be the happiest person, but that's just life. It is what it is.

What if I told you that it is not "just life". What if I told you that you did not come here to live "just life" but to fulfill your destiny? To blossom. To have your heart's desire. To die with no regrets. 

Would you give it a chance?


Thank you so much for another wonderful session on Tuesday! I am so grateful for you as well as for your spirit's been exactly what I have been searching for the last couple of years and finally feel that I am on the path to healing. I forgot to mention this on Tuesday...over the last couple of years, I've expressed what I was looking for and was met with people giving me strange looks or completely changing the subject because they didn't know what to do with the information of me wanting to change my energy as I realized that I attract people who are not aligned with me. So, many thanks for what you do.  I really appreciate you!  :) –  R.T.

I started working with Riikka when I was going through some transitions in my life. We did a review of where things felt good and where I wanted to make some changes and began the spirit coaching. Riikka’s unconditional support and kindness put me at ease and helped me to relax and lean in to the process right from the start. Spirit coaching involves tapping into your inner knowing and learning to trust what you already know inside. And it gives you a range of incredibly useful tools to help you navigate whatever may be showing up in your life. I have found a new path forward as a result of this work and can honestly say that what I visualized when I started the process has manifested in many areas of my life and enabled me to make some really significant shifts. Riikka is a truly gifted individual, she shows up unconditionally and with love and grace to each session. She understands things intuitively and know how to help you tap into your best self and life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!  – T.S.

A Buddha image's head covered with plants

I’ve worked with various coaches before (all different & helpful in their own way), but working with Riikka was a totally different experience! Our focus wasn’t so much on what I’m doing, but who I’m choosing to be. I now feel more plugged into who I really am, have a better understanding of how to manage my energy and have a meditation practice that I actually enjoy (most of the time)! Approaching life from “being” feels so much more natural than “trying to make things happen” all the time. So, if you’ve worked with coaches in the past, but feel like you keep coming up against the same stumbling blocks, you probably don’t need help with “strategy” — you may just need help with “spirit. 

— Ashley

Buddha Statue

Working with Riikka has been incredible. For the first time in my life, I’m developing a meaningful meditation practice that I can actually DO. With her coaching, I’ve been diving deep into areas of my life that have been unexplored or ignored until now. It’s a truly transformational process. I’m so grateful for this opportunity. 

– Amy

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