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Let your light lead the way.

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Less effort. More ease.


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What is The Living Light Lab?

The Living Light Lab is an ongoing program with weekly virtual meetings designed to help you put the 11 Principles (found in my book Living Light) in action so you can continue to reclaim your power and access your inner authority in all areas of your life – with the support of an amazing community.

Here you will:

  • explore eleven different areas where you may give your power away

  • establish practices that will help you set new boundaries with the world around you

  • free yourself from any conditioning that inhibits you from following your own truth

  • have the courage to be authentically you

  • create a brighter future by accessing your inner compass to direct your life


Come find out what's possible when you let your Light lead the way. 

To be sovereign women requires us to constantly ground into the essence of who we are.

Listen to this 8 minute excerpt from the book Living Light that summarizes the intention for the Lab. 

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What Will This Program Include?

  • A weekly 60 min talk and Q&A session led by Riikka on the Zoom platform (audio and video calls). All calls are recorded and can be listened to anytime and anywhere.

  • An online community where you can connect with other members between calls. 

  • Discounts on all group programs, 1:1 mentorship and consulting services.

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About the Weekly Calls 

The weekly calls are the heart of the Lab. You can think of them as reset sessions. You will leave each call more connected to your core – your Inner Sun.  


Questions can be submitted at any time at Also, no need to join live – all calls are recorded and available for Lab members anytime. 

Important details:

  • Having technical problems enrolling or questions about the Lab? Please email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • The Lab is always active, and you’ll get access to it within 24 hours of joining (Mon-Fri).

  • Living Light calls are held weekly on Tuesdays at 11am PST.

  • All subscriptions will automatically renew monthly, with the day you enroll being the first day of your month of membership.

  • The Lab includes a private online community. 

How to get started?


The Lab opens officially on November 21, 2023.  

Monthly subscription is $39.

You can get started by clicking the button below - can't wait to see you inside!



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