what is spirit coaching?

There are many wonderful coaches out there doing amazing work in the world. We all have different needs depending where we are at in our lives. Sometimes the more traditional approach will serve you better, and other times you may feel the need to reach out for some spiritual/energetic guidance. This list is incomplete but will hopefully give you a better understanding what Spirit Coaching is about:

  • Coaches spirit to spirit, can see and hold the real/authentic you as spirit.
  • Uses intuition to determine the best approach for the client: tool, method, practice, meditation…
  • Holds energetic container to blossom into Divine Self, during call and entire time person is a client.
  • Looks from spirit to spirit at blocks that need to be cleared addressing them at their root cause.
  • Holds the highest possibility for client to walk in this incarnation. This is what being spirit-led is.
  • Holds space for client by modeling what being spirit-led is.
  • Can recognize programming, interference from outside energies.
  • Sees from the perspective of spiritual contacts so we can align with what we agreed to before we incarnated.


  • Often coaches personality.
  • Uses system from mental/emotional framework that can be hit or miss as it is not from intuition (voice of spirit).
  • Holds accountability based on quantitative measures.
  • Uses system to discover blocks in a mental (mind/body) way which often misses core and/or root issues.
  • Holds good intentions for a client but is often based in other desires, not their spirit’s path.
  • Models what they know (as opposed to modeling spirit).
  • Often can not see or understand beings out of body and their impact on the client.
  • Often does not understand spiritual contracts and can mislead the client unintentionally.