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Virtual workshop for women 


3 Steps to a Wardrobe That
Expresses Your Essence


Do you have those perfect ankle boots sitting in your closet that you have not worn for three years? You remember the moment you fell in love with them and although they were just a tiny bit too small, you made them work.


They are timeless and classic. They were so “you”.


But for some reason, you no longer want to wear them. But it’s hard to let go of them.

Most of us have a piece (or two!) of clothing like that.

Clothes have a frequency. They are an extension of your aura, your energy field. It’s natural that when you evolve and raise your vibration, your wardrobe stops matching your spirit, your true essence.


If you wear clothes that are not in alignment with who you really are, you might be giving the world a mixed message. And not only that – you may not feel comfortable in your own skin.

And when we don’t feel comfortable in our skin, we are not able to radiate our brightest light. Part of us is still attached to the past. But when co-creating our desires, we need to be fully in the present time.



  • Gracefully start editing your closet right there and then, on the call! 

  • Learn 3 steps how to discern what to keep and what to toss.

  • Take matters into your own hands, both in your closet and in your life.

  • Say ADIOS to daily overwhelm and chaos ("I have nothing to wear..") and welcome A FRESH START with more energy, ease and comfort. 

  • Connect with other amazing women who are hungry for a lighter, more intentional wardrobe.



Part of my healing plan that I made for myself in my health coach training is living lighter and letting go of things in my life that no longer serve. Yesterday I did a five hour de-cluttering workshop with 10 other women led by Riikka Rajamaki. It was great being in support of community and knowing that I’m not alone in this journey to simplify. And one thing I learned is that it gets worse before it gets better! I feel much lighter when I look at my shelf today.

JennTara Ward

I had so much fun in this workshop. At first I was unsure what we would do for 5 hours but honestly it was like hanging out with a friend, laughing, talking and getting stuff done! It was inspiring and one of the most fun things I’ve done in months. Thank you!

Susan Plucknett

Great to declutter even if it’s one thing to make space for something new like more air to breath and space. Riikka is gentle, kind and attracts the perfect group of women that support each other in the process of letting go. 

Marla Sacks

Hi, I'm Riikka.

When I was 28 I left my home country of Finland and moved to New York City. I had no possessions other than a bag of clothes, and $600 in my pocket. No plan, no home, and my tourist visa was  about to expire in three months. It was February 2001. That was the beginning of My Lighter Life. 

And now, twenty years later, I can wholeheartedly say that one of my dearest passions in life is to support other women free themselves from any and all baggage, both symbolic and literal.

You do not need to leave your country, nor do you need to do many of the other crazy things I did.


Our possessions and our home environment is the perfect mirror – and a starting point  – for a lighter life. So stay where you are. Get present with your life. Stop avoiding what's right in front of you. And you will be free.


This movement – and this world – needs more women like you.


I hope you join me. 


Sliding Scale $25-$65 


25% of the proceeds are donated to Childhelp®, an organization dedicated to helping children find the life they deserve — a life filled with love, free from domestic violence.

Due to the hands-on and community based approach of this webinar please join if you are able to join live. (THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE RECORDED.)


Can't wait to see you there!

Date: AUGUST 13, 2022 at  11am-2pm Pacific (USA). Sign up by AUGUST 12, 2022.

If you have any questions, please send them my way:


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Riikka Rajamäki is a classically trained Feng Shui consultant and a certified Master Spirit Coach® who helps women rock relationship: in love, at home and with Spirit. 


With over 20 years of extensive training in psychic healing, Riikka provides an integrative perspective to the Taoist art and science of Feng Shui. She’s passionate about helping her clients align their true nature and desires with their environs. “As is out, so is in,” is one of her favorite mantras. 


Riikka is also a Reiki Master, a Graduate of The Foundation for Spiritual Development, facilitator of the Blindfold Trance-Dance™ Ritual, massage therapist, holistic health counselor, and founder of The Daily Nothing — an online community which has inspired many people to start their daily meditation practice.


Riikka holds a Masters in Sociology from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

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