Are you here to create something original? 
Are you creating stuff from other stuff, or are you creating something unique, right from the start, from scratch – from nothing?

Yeah, you know – those moments that make you feel like you turned into a firework. Those bright, bursting creations are most likely the reason why you are here on the planet.

Your unique contribution can only be found in nothing. Do you know why?

Because no one else has access to that particular place of nothing – except you. That’s right. This place belongs only to you and is home to your own personal blueprint. This blueprint holds the key to your purpose, your well-being and your success. No masks, veils or pretense are allowed here.

All the belief systems and conditionings are checked at the door.
This place is you in its most pure, authentic form.

This is the place I invite you to access. Daily.
And this is the reason why I have created The Daily Nothing.

First, let me explain where I’m coming from.

Most of my life I have travelled the world seeking answers from strangers, lovers, empty streets.

I have followed cults, outer gurus and rigid protocols, and you should also know that for most of my life, I have doubted love and mistaken it to be something that it is not. 


I knew there was another way to live.
I knew there was another way to love.

I had been told millions of times that “all the answers are within.”
But no one really seemed to be able to explain to me what it meant to truly have the answers, to truly trust that inner whisper within, 
to truly find peace and power within my own heart.

So I made a commitment to myself several years ago to discover that meaning by sitting for at least 12 minutes each morning in a deep silence, my eyes closed.

I did this before I had my breakfast, before I brushed my teeth and before I opened my computer.

I did not expect that such a short time would make a difference in how I would feel and how I would show up in the world.

I certainly didn’t expect all the drama, chaos and confusion to fade away so effortlessly.

It was the yearning to know my Self that did it; the burning hunger for Truth.

Not the amount of minutes.

Today, I’m less anxious; my mind is calm and focused, and I feel inspired by life – most of the time. My creativity has increased. I feel younger than I did 20 years ago! And most importantly, I’m starting to know myself, this woman who I have avoided all my life. 

And guess what? I still meditate. Sometimes 5 minutes feel like an hour, and sometimes an hour feels like 5 minutes. It’s timeless and effortless. Kind of like breathing. 

And this is all happening because I chose to embrace nothing. Because I learned that we become truly abundant when we become free from inner limitations. We make space for that which was ours all along.



When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.
— Kahlil Gibran