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This is a checklist for women who want to rock all three areas of relationship: Attracting true love and being great partners, creating a harmonious home and embodying Spirit.

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I travelled across the world seeking for someone to take my pain away. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on my college education, healers and fortune tellers.


And plane tickets.

It took me years to realize that I was looking for that "something" in all the wrong places. Because, as they say, the greatest journey is the one we take inside ourselves.

I left my homeland Finland twenty years ago in order to find my reason for being and because I wanted to be free. Back then I thought my freedom was dependent on external circumstances (if I had this, I would be free). I had just received a master's degree and my family was expecting me to find a great job and start a family. But instead I moved to New York City with $600 in my pocket. It was just enough for one month's rent. Then the twin towers came down. Along with my identity. I had no social security number, no place to live, no job and no money. 

I had reached the bottom of my no-body-ness.

I started questioning my concepts about 'a happy life'. I realized that my happiness wasn't dependent on my worldly creations but on the quality of my relationships to other people, to my immediate environment and to my Spirit. As I started peeling away the layers of my false self, I became lighter and freer to be who I truly am. And from this place of inner integrity, my life started unfolding in front of me with ease and grace, and I was finally able to discover the gifts that I came here to give.

And it is still a process. A daily commitment to remembering why I'm here.

I believe my own rich life experience and training in holistic health counseling, Spirit Coaching®, Feng Shui, Reiki, blindfold trance dance facilitation, and massage therapy, plus a master’s degree in sociology, have built a solid and well-rounded foundation for my passion to help you live your best life and understand the things that get in the way of achieving your dreams.


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