Figure NOTHING out. Understand NOTHING. Do NOTHING. … this tiny pause in my day re-grounded me like nothing else (no pun intended). Just the word “nothing” is a mantra to me now. Ahhhhh …. nothing!!!”
— Cris Gladly

Happy Clients


Working with Riikka has been incredible. For the first time in my life, I’m developing a meaningful meditation practice that I can actually DO. With her coaching, I’ve been diving deep into areas of my life that have been unexplored or ignored until now. It’s a truly transformational process. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

— Amy 

“I’ve worked with various coaches before (all different & helpful in their own way), but working with Riikka was a totally different experience! Our focus wasn’t so much on what I’m doing, but who I’m choosing to be.I now feel more plugged into who I really am, have a better understanding of how to manage my energy and have a meditation practice that I actually enjoy (most of the time)! Approaching life from “being” feels so much more natural than “trying to make things happen” all the time. So, if you’ve worked with coaches in the past, but feel like you keep coming up against the same stumbling blocks, you probably don’t need help with “strategy” — you may just need help with “spirit.” ”

— ashley gwilliam

“Thank you, Riikka, for rejuvenating my consistent meditation practice again. Every one of your Daily Nothing email notes always hit me right in the heart. Like, tears streaming down my face (in a god way — they were so true). Your guided meditation struck my like a lightening bolt, and your imagery allowed me to slip into bliss at the snap of my fingers. The timing of your Daily Nothing Class was definitely divinely inspired, as your class started when I was on the brink of making some very heavy decisions. Over the phone, we set my intentions for the next 30 days, and I am elated to tell you that I achieved my top goal: The ability to receive & listen. And this was was totally out of the goodness of your heart, Riikka — no cash exchanged — you are a true angel, Riikka. Thank you!”

— Aimee Arnold

"Riikka is a true healing angel and health guru wrapped into one babe-alicious package! It’s so inspiring working with her—she has practical solutions for practically anything you’re stuck on in your diet and wellness regimen. Riikka helped me redefine my nutrition goals and take them to a new level; within only a few months I had more energy, radiant skin, and my abs started to have a little definition! Plus, she made the process pain-free, exciting, and fluid so there were no have-tos or absolute no-nos. If you want someone who’ll encourage you to be your best without making you feel judged or icky, Riikka is your girl!”

— Amanda Noelle


“To say that Riikka has had a positive impact on my life is an understatement. She is a very gifted healer and my life is better for knowing her.”

— laura gates

“Finally! I’ve been able to establish a consistent meditation practice, thanks to the guidance of Riikka and The Daily Nothing. With Riikka’s playful, poetic and profound daily messages I am inspired to stay focused on my meditation practice. I’ve been able to stay true to my commitment to clear a little space in my life, each and everyday… even if it is only 5 minutes one day or ten minutes the next. I have found that The Daily Nothing is actually a space for everything to exist. It has helped me to expand the spaces of quiet and contemplation in my day to day. Instead of feeling the overwhelming anxieties and worry that seem inevitable living in a big city like New York, I am experiencing myself as a more grounded, more accepting person who’s focusing on being truly thankful for the gift that life is. And that’s HUGE! Riikka rocks!”

— nina griffin

“ I learned about The Daily Nothing while in the middle of a stressful period in my life – one in which I was also trying to finish a creative project, but felt completely drained of the energy to do it. The things I craved were calm and the focus to continue. Riikka helped me figure out a couple of simple ways to carve out time and bring my attention back to where it needed to be. And, her daily email messages have been right on track with how I have been feeling lately – almost as if she could read my mind. They are such perfect bits of inspiration and reminders to take the time to experience them. I have a feeling I will continue to practice The Daily Nothing long after the 30 days are complete.”

— Stormy Sweitzer

“The Daily Nothing has become a priceless reminder for sacred stillness in my life. I connected with the site while in the midst of a very intense time of studying, work load, projects, new skill acquisition. All good things for my life, but the influx of constant information was mind melting. The Daily Nothing morning email became part of my morning ritual (the first email I’d read each day to begin with grace and centered thinking) and the concept of NOTHING quickly became a touchstone for me in the swirl of change and growth. I began hearing my Self request “some nothing time” when I’d get overwhelmed. At which point I would take a break and go outside. Feel sun. Feel breezes on skin. See sky. And I’d find stillness somewhere and just be. Inhale. Exhale. Figure NOTHING out. Understand NOTHING. Do NOTHING. … this tiny pause in my day re-grounded me like nothing else (no pun intended). Just the word “nothing” is a mantra to me now. Ahhhhh …. nothing!!!”

— Cris Gladly

“The Daily Nothing has changed my life already, and we are not in the end of it yet. Here’s how: I loooove my nothingness!! Before I had to fill quiet times with noises- TV, radio, something.. now I sit in silence .. or do my stuff in silence. Don’t need the backround noice anymore. When I listen to something now, I really do it. I also feel more relaxed.. and can also relax more easily than before. And I feel more!! My senses have become more sensitive Loving every day of this life changing experience!”

— Mariia Kotila

“I often feel at the end of a session
that I have been touched
by an angel and I am not a very otherworldly type.”
— Carla B.