Pre-Launch Feng Shui Design Package

Pre-Launch Feng Shui Design Package

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Classical Feng Shui is about optimizing the relationship between all the things in and around your house and you. You can avoid and remedy many of the challenges that may be happening in your life by enhancing the energy of your home.

Feng Shui is not a superficial practice of putting a crystal ball here and a happy cat there. It’s about digging deep and getting into the underlying energetics of your home and you. When you do that, your home becomes your ally, supporting the full expression of you.

In literal translation feng means “wind” and shui means “water”. This ancient art and science was formalized over 3000 years ago in China. It contains elements of various branches of scholarly study, including physics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology. It is related to the Taoist understanding that land is alive and filled with Chi or energy.

A big part of a Feng Shui consultation consists of listening to the conversation between the macrocosm and microcosm – in this case, the topography of the surrounding area in relation to the structure of the home itself - in order to best utilize and invite the Chi of the natural elements to harmonize your home.

The Process:

1. Initial Site Visit

Classical Feng Shui Form Assessment (2-4hr), review of the natural geographical features (macrocosm) with the site’s structure (microcosm), neighborhood and landscape. The goal is to evaluate the site’s ability to use the Chi of the land as shaped by Heaven and Earth (Yin/Yang and 5 Elements). 

2. Geographical Features Review

A Feng Shui Compass (Luo Pan) is used to take electromagnetic readings of the exterior environment and to determine the property’s facing and sitting directions. Ba Zhai system defines the building’s auspicious 8 directions, based on how it sits on the site.

3. Current Floor Plan Analysis

Analysis of the floor plan with current Chi flow patterns tells us what’s currently working and what isn’t in your living environment.

4. Personal Chart Calculations

Ming Gua chart analysis for 1-2 residents determines the residents’ personal favorable directions based on date of birth. 

5. Follow-up Consultation

You’ll receive full set of notes and recommendations in written form after the first part of the consultation and we’ll schedule a follow-up visit to find out how you are integrating the suggestions and changes and to see if there’s any further guidance you need.

What happens after I have made my purchase?

After your purchase, you will receive a detailed questionnaire via email and at that point we can schedule the first visit! I only have a limited number of packages available, so secure yours soon.

Pre-launch discount package price: $500

Travel fee outside of Marin County: $100

Here’s to your vital home!


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