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As a retreat service provider, I'm currently offering following transformational experiences around the globe:


I'm happy to tailor my topics to fit your audience.



What do you need to let go of to be free? What you are clinging to is keeping you from experiencing true freedom. Imagine what would be possible as you compassionately face and dissolve your grip around this very important area of your life and step into your own magnificence? 


My talk will: 


  • Shine light on areas where you may still be defending yourself in fear of feeling pain 

  • Release you from unconscious need to be right so you can step into your next level of expansion in business, love and life

  • Help you step into a higher degree of integrity, sovereignty and leadership

Please email me for inquiries: riikka at



“Like all vibrant elements of nature, human beings grow into the light, but transform in the dark.”

– Wilbert Alix


Trance dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and innovative use of a blindfold - together stimulating a 'trance' state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being.

Ritual Trance Dance in its contemporary form was founded in 1989 in Houston, Texas, by Frank Natale and Wilbert Alix.

But trance dance is nothing new. For thousands of years people have been spinning, shaking and disappearing into trance states to connect with nature and spirit.

Blindfolded Ritual Dance offers an opportunity to be free from the limitations of time and space, to detach from everyday perception and access a parallel reality to find new solutions, ideas and visions we normally wouldn’t encounter in our day-to-day lives.

Dancing this way takes courage.

It takes a certain amount of willingness to step outside our usual way of gathering information.

Author and psychotherapist Thomas Poplawski says:

“Dance is an independent rhythm, a movement whose center is outside of the human being.”

While so much of what we pursue externally doesn’t fulfill us, it is ironic that sometimes we need to step outside of our own being to discover who we are and what our core is made of.


This is Trance Dance.

It is from the chaos that the order eventually emerges.

It is in the darkness that the light is born.

It is in the “losing” that we find.

The gift and purpose of the eye covering (bandanna) is to create anonymity.

There’s that catchy phrase that tells us to “dance like nobody's watching,” yet how many of us really ever dance that way?

To move in order to bond with spirit, the concept that is behind ritual dance, is a novel concept for many.

A new level of self-reliance, of trusting oneself without the reflection from outside, is an important aspect in our spiritual evolution and personal healing.

The resources stored inside each of us run vast and deep.

We go about our lives seeking solutions from one expert or another, forgetting that a masterpiece has already been created and it dwells within the dark chambers of our own soul.

I invite you to come move in a new way.


To use your body in ways you never have.

To become the dance, the one that is being danced.

To give yourself permission to travel.

To be the explorer of your own consciousness.

To leave behind the known path.

To step outside the familiar.

To lose yourself.

“If you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found.”

This is a 4–hour experience. 

For inquiries, please email riikka at



They say the greatest journey is the one we take inside ourselves. I have dedicated my life to this journey, by bringing my touch to as many people as possible, helping each person become stronger, more relaxed and more aligned with their true purpose here on Earth.

As a little girl growing up in Finland, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching the village elders kneading sticky dough into silky smooth perfect round buns and bread loaves. Ever since then my dream was to become a baker, using the gift of my hands in service.

After receiving my very first massage in 2001 in Brooklyn, NY, my life took a turn and I realized my hands were meant to be used for another purpose. A healing purpose.

My hands have touched people from all walks of life. From celebrities to homeless, from CEO’s to stay at home Moms, my passion knows no boundary.

I truly enjoy exploring the bridge between both worlds, the light and the dark, helping my clients and everyone I meet use life's experiences as a catalyst to remembering their purpose of being alive. 

Slow, deep tissue and thorough energy balancing. Body attunement. No techniques. No routine. Just laser sharp listening and a heaping dose of compassion. 

"She has an innate ability to create a space, both in a room and between people, that is respectful, natural, and safe for people to relax and allow her to work on their bodies. Regardless of where she gives you a session, her space is always clean, ready, and welcoming. I always feel completely trusting of her to manage whatever comes up externally so that I can relax and allow my body to release and transform internally. My body and mind have completely changed since I have been working with Riikka. This may seem like a normal thing for a massage therapist to be able to do, but Riikka does it better than anyone I have ever worked with. She has perfected the massage experience." — Hadley D.

I'm offering sessions from 30 minutes to 3 hours. I use only organic and purest creams and oils.  

Please email me for inquiries: riikka at

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