If you deep down know there's more to life than your to do-list, unanswered emails, next paycheck and paying your rent/mortgage, you are in the right place.

Jump on a call with me and let's break it all down. Let's look at one main area in your life that feels like is sucking all the life force out of you. Let's talk to that part of you that already knows what to do, but you are listening to a wrong channel. Let me help you tune your most important instrument; your body. 


If there can be a definition of spirituality, it is the tuning of the heart. Tuning means the changing of pitch of the vibration. The tuning of the heart means the changing  of vibrations, in order that one may reach a certain pitch that is the natural pitch; then one feels the joy and ecstasy of life, which enables one to give pleasure to others even by one’s presence, because one is tuned.  
— Hazrat Inayat Khan
I’ve worked with various coaches before (all different & helpful in their own way), but working with Riikka was a totally different experience! Our focus wasn’t so much on what I’m doing, but who I’m choosing to be.I now feel more plugged into who I really am, have a better understanding of how to manage my energy and have a meditation practice that I actually enjoy (most of the time)! Approaching life from “being” feels so much more natural than “trying to make things happen” all the time. So, if you’ve worked with coaches in the past, but feel like you keep coming up against the same stumbling blocks, you probably don’t need help with “strategy” — you may just need help with “spirit.

One on One PEM-SESSIONS can:

• deepen or jump-start your meditation practice

• enrich your relationships, both intimate and professional

• awaken your intuitive abilities

• help you better understand and answer the question "Why Am I Here?"

• help you feel like you belong right where you are

• improve your relationship with your body

• teach you discernment and healthy boundaries

• help you discover a new sense of innocence and shift from "doing" to "being"

• shift your attention from "outer" to "inner" 

• make your "to do" -list feel fun and something to look forward to

• help you in becoming the perfect expression of you, living your unique Vision in the world

• expand your dreams little further

• help you track back where you lost your focus (and you started to move away from your true life goals)

get you unstuck

• give you the permission to your authentic desires 

• provide you with increased trust in yourself

• teach you how to remain in the present moment regardless of what is going on around you

open your mind (so you can innovate, activate and align your vision into pure action)

• heal dysfunctional patterns in relationship, finances and health

• ..... and of course, SO MUCH MORE!....