Your Dreams Matter. Start Making Room For Them NOW.

Our journey together does not have to stop here. You have gained some good momentum during these past five days. You feel it in your bones, don't you? There's LIGHT at the end of your closet! Hurray! 


It's time for you to choose your next step. We all thrive in different environments. Some of you love the group setting.

Some of you prefer private mentoring. Or maybe a combination of both? You can find more details below.

If you choose to be a lone wolf, I salute you! But if you choose to join this growing community, I welcome you whole-heartedly! Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to receive a discount code – it expires on Full Moon, September 2nd. 


Say "bye bye" to overwhelm and stress, chaos and constant busyness. Say "hello" to feeling better, to saving money and time and to living light. You were born to be free. (Don't forget.) All you have to do is to commit more to your clarity than you commit to your chaos. Sounds simple – because it is. 

Did you know that the dysfunction you put up with in your living space is directly proportional to the dysfunction you put up with in your emotional life?

1. The Living Light Course is packed with the right kind of medicine you need to organize your inner reality and tap into your internal resources during these challenging times so you find the peace, calm and serenity that are rightfully yours and available to you anytime.

And not only that – you will also purge your home of anything that no longer serves you going forward.

This course is designed to solve the core issues that created your clutter in the first place. (Hint: It's not just about deciding if your stuff sparks joy or not.)

This is an online course.

2. Inner Compass mentoring is a combination of feng shui and personal energy management. It's based on the assumption that when we become aware of how energy moves inside our homes and inside our bodies, we experience more peace and power in our lives.

Life force (chi) is either contained or flowing. To have a healthy home and a healthy body, we need a proper balance of the two. When we are rooted in ourselves, we feel more at ease with others. When our home has heart, the world feels friendlier. 

During life's major transitions, it's helpful (and necessary) to activate our internal guiding system. Inner Compass mentoring is for you if you are going through big changes – if you are a newlywed, have recently lost a beloved, changed (or want to change) jobs, bought a home, are going through a divorce or recovering from an illness, or if you simply want to experience more peace in your life.

All sessions are done via phone.

By clicking the button below, you will be directed to my scheduling page – choose a time for your FREE discovery call and I look forward to speaking with you!


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After clicking the button below, you will be directed to the course's check out page and you are ready to dive right in! 

3. Living Light private declutter sessions are dedicated to resolving issues that come up while decluttering. This intimate 1:1 approach will help you move past the biggest roadblocks and arrive on the other side lighter, clearer and calmer. We set strong intentions, create an action plan and meet regularly to insure accountability and momentum. Meetings happen via Zoom or in person. You can choose from the following packages. Combines well with the Living Light Course:

  1. CLUTTER 911 (Single session when you most need it.)

  2. The SPRINT (Five 45-min calls over a period of one week when you want to get the damn thing done!)

  3. The MARATHON (Eight 45-min calls over the course of a month when you have ample warning that your mother-in-law is coming to town ;)

  4. The WHENEVER! (Four 45-min calls whenever – expires within a year)

All sessions are done via Zoom.

Choose an option that suits you best by clicking the button below.