What's Hiding In Your
Relationship Closet?

Is your closet well-lit, organized and functional?

Or is it dark, chaotic and filled with clutter?

Do you even forget you have a closet?

Or, on the contrary, are you slightly obsessed with it (and with your possessions in general), constantly moving things around, organizing and finding better solutions, while getting nowhere?

In either case–whether your stuff is sitting abandoned in the darkness or has become the centerpiece of your attention– it’s occupying valuable real estate in your psyche.

And there can be many reasons for this.

  • One, it may be that your closet – and the stuff in there–  is a symbol of past relationships that still feel incomplete.

  • Two, it may be your way of staying connected to your past lovers.

  • Three, the anxious attachment to your possessions may be keeping you occupied, and has become a substitute or a roadblock to getting close with other people.

I help you look at your living environment with new eyes. 

No stones are left unturned. Objects and clothes hold vibration and anything that is making you vibrate out of tune has to go. This is non-negotiable.


You will purge your closets of anything that no longer serves you going forward, thus exercising the key muscle so you can choose differently next time, in other words, not the same guy in a different body.


Your blind spots reveal themselves.


Together we'll address the core issues that created your clutter in the first place.


(Hint: It's not just about deciding if your stuff “sparks joy.” This is about deciding if your possessions/past are possessing you.)

To get a taste of this work, you're invited to join ...

SEPTEMBER 10, 2022 @ 11AM - 2PM

Sliding Scale $25-$65 


25% of the proceeds are donated to Childhelp®, an organization dedicated to helping children find the life they deserve — a life filled with love, free from domestic violence.

Due to the hands-on and community based approach of this webinar please only register if you are able to join live. (THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE RECORDED.)


Can't wait to see you there!

Date: SEPTEMBER 10, 2022 at  11am-2pm Pacific (USA).


Sign up by SEPTEMBER 5, 2022.

If you have any questions, please send them my way: riikka@moongatefengshui.com


  • Gracefully start editing your closet right there and then, on the call! 

  • Learn 3 steps how to discern what to keep and what to toss.

  • Take matters into your own hands, both in your closet and in your love life.

  • Connect with other amazing women who are hungry for a lighter, more intentional love life.