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You deserve a healthy, soulful relationship. I'm here to help you find it.   


I do not perform supernatural tricks to make that happen.


Instead, I help you develop an unshakable trust in yourself so that next time after:


A bad date

A rejection 

A period of loneliness


You continue to stand wholeheartedly in your power and your worthiness knowing in your bones that you can have Him – without losing yourself.

You are a total catch. And you know it.


But you have your blind spots. 


You are ready to stop maneuvering around them and do the inner and outer work it takes to change.

Sometimes this takes help, and you need to try something new. I'm here to help.

You can never lose love.

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You have accomplished a lot in your life.

You started from scratch and made it all happen. You followed through and sometimes even pushed through. Maybe you created your own business, bought the house, and traveled around the world. You did it! You have always been so hungry to live your best life. 

But there's still one thing that is missing... 

You really want to find true love but 

  • You're starting to avoid relationships because they just seem like a lot of work
  • You worry about losing your autonomy and your sense of self
  • You're starting to lose confidence and wonder if there's something wrong with you
  • You don't like who you become in relationships: You either put aside your own needs and become the caretaker OR you become too "needy" and push him away – in both cases the relationship is short-lived
  • You're too busy, overworked and not sure how to switch from being in your mind to being in your emotions 

This is an 8-week Incubator for women who are serious about doing the inner and outer work it takes to get ready for true love.


As a woman on a path of spiritual development, I have been burnt in
many bonfires that I myself helped build.

And most of them have been about love. Or lack of it. So many times in
my life I have begged for it, prayed for it, demanded it, even broken my wrist for it. That is how much I doubted love.

My skepticism created pain, suffering and separation.


All my life, love was something that I needed to work hard for. To prove it. To earn it.

I travelled around the world chasing the self I thought I had to be.

All these years I suffered over love because I didn’t let love just be. I
demanded a result.


Love became risky.

And, most importantly, I had forgotten that love is not something to
have, it is who I am, in my very nature.

I remember seeing women, all ages and sizes, who seemed to have understood this.

It was clear that these women loved themselves. They were completely in their feminine power, juicy, full and radiant, and I used to wonder, how do they do that? Were they born that way? They were like magical beings to me.

I found them mesmerizing, yet I also felt envy, because I knew how far away I was from being like them.

The idea that love is somehow limited, caused me to attract partners
who would mirror that back to me.

And that mirror would always end up shattering into a million pieces.
There was never going to be a happily ever after. Never.

Not until I looked into that mirror and faced my sadness. The sadness that came from not loving myself.


I had to surrender. I was angry. And I was humbled. All my life I had
avoided this moment. I had never really understood what surrender meant until I was on my knees, begging god to show me how to release myself from this endless cycle of self-destruction.

I died, somatically. On the floor, I lost it. And found it again.

“It’s not your job to love me; it’s mine” became my mantra. Anytime my
mind wanted to wander outside to find an object, usually my ex-partners, to blame or judge, I repeated this mantra, and it gave me a tremendous amount of support. And not just support, ecstatic joy.

And Truth. I have always been a lover of truth. Even when I could not love myself, I loved the truth.

And that set me free. 

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