what does spirit have to do with weight loss?

what does spirit have to do with weight loss?

I saw the angel in the Marble and carved until I set him free. – Michelangelo

The following is a chapter from my upcoming ebook The 9 to 5 Diet.

It is impossible for me to talk about weight loss without talking about energy. Our physical body is only a tiny part of what we are made of. The human energy field (aka aura) consists of seven layers; the first (closest to the physical body) layer is associated with physical functioning and sensation— feeling physical pain or pleasure.

However, many physical imbalances, including weight issues, start way before they reach— and are visible on—the first layer.

This explains why I was able to lose weight without dieting or counting calories: I had started to address and heal emotional issues and belief systems that were holding me back and that my body was actually registering as stress, causing me to hold on to extra weight. Eventually, people started to approach me on the street and ask how I had gotten so fit. This amused me because for the first time in my life, I wasn’t thinking about what I was eating. Food had stopped being an issue. I was eating foods I hadn’t eaten for years: red meat, cheese, pasta…

I’m sure that the fact that I had begun to eat only organic food made a difference, but still, my relationship to food had changed significantly, from rigid to relaxed. What really caused the shift was addressing problems in my energetic body.

We all walk through life carrying unresolved issues, charged memories, and judgments in our energetic space. Often this clutter is most easily seen in a person’s face and eyes. We all have seen “before” and “after” shots in advertisements for weight-loss products and programs. When I look at an old picture of myself I see what I call Energetic Weight. I am not physically any heavier than I am now, but I look overweight. It is almost like I am not even there, or I’m hiding behind protective walls and veils that I’m not even aware of.

The more we commit to personal development and the alignment of our true essence, the easier it becomes to ultimately forgive and let go of the past and enter fully into the present moment. This shift is energetic, yet it will change the way you look, walk, and hold your body. And the best part? The changes are permanent.

The following exercise will help you kick start energetic weight loss.

Judgment release

“The fastest way to open the space for change is to release judgments and
the pent-up emotional energy around
 them so energy can move.
This seems so simple and yet societal conditioning has taught everyone to talk in
generalizations and to control emotions and thus lock up the free flow of experience.

Lost energy, lost love, lost power, lost anything is the result of denial,
of holding it away from you by not
 accepting it. What was lost returns when you forgive yourself for denying it and accept it. This does not mean forgiving yourself for the behavior. It means accepting the behavior and forgiving yourself for not having accepted it before as part of you and your learning experience.”
– Right Use of Will

Take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle to divide it into two columns, and write on the top left “What happened” and on the top right “Who needs to know.” Then, get grounded, sit in stillness for few moments, and connect with an incident that you still have an energetic charge about. It could be anything. Maybe it was a painful memory from childhood, or an uncomfortable situation with a neighbor. Maybe it is anger toward yourself. Whatever it is, try not to analyze it, but instead, let all that charge and built-up energy flow through you onto the left-hand column. No need to worry about spelling or how it all looks. Actually, the messier, the better! Keep writing. If you run out of room, start from the top again and write over what you already wrote. You will know when you are finished. Write until you find yourself taking responsibility and seeing yourself clearly:

What happened that led you to react or feel hurt? Ask yourself questions, such as: Could I have avoided that if I had done something differently? Can I forgive myself for not recognizing the gift in this experience?

Then, write in the right-hand column who needs to know. It is usually the people involved in the “what happened,” yourself, and/or Divine (or your true Self).

(And no need to actually tell these people about it.)

After you are done, sit in this place of forgiveness for a moment. Then burn the paper. This is important to do right afterwards, to allow those remnants to leave your space completely.

You will be surprised how powerful this simple tool is! Watch yourself the next time something similar happens, or you run into the person you had the charge with. By releasing negative emotions this way, you’ll free yourself to move through life with ease and grace.

I did this exercise once with a client and the results were immediate. He wrote about the resentment and anger he still holds toward his father, whom he hadn’t talked to for years. After he burned the paper, he felt lighter right away. The next time I saw him, he told me that his father had gotten really sick and needed his support. If he hadn’t released the charge he still had, he would not have been able to show up for his father
like he did. My client explained how their relationship had completely changed and they felt closer than ever before. Plus, his eating habits improved, which was the very reason he had come to see me in the first place.

There are no limits what we can create when we start working with the level of energy. Freedom comes from realizing that we are way more than just a body.

© Riikka Rajamaki

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