Imagine darkness so intense and so complete covering you like a velvet blanket, a blackness that cuts you off from the everyday world, forcing you to draw deep into yourself, a blackness that makes you see with your heart instead of your eyes..

Wilbert Alix, Founder of Trance Dance International 


MAY 6, 2017 @ 6.30PM



Ritual Trance Dance in this contemporary form was founded in 1989 in Houston, Texas, by Frank Natale and Wilbert Alix. But trance dance is nothing new: for thousands of years, people have been spinning, shaking and disappearing into trance states to connect with nature and spirit. Blindfolded Ritual Dance offers an opportunity to be free from the limitations of time and space, detach from everyday perception and access a parallel reality to find new solutions, ideas and visions we normally wouldn’t in our day-to-day lives.

Dancing this way takes courage. It takes a certain amount of willingness to step outside of our usual way of gathering information. Author and psychotherapist Thomas Poplawski says: “Dance is an independent rhythm, a movement whose centre is outside of the human being.” It is ironic that sometimes we need to step outside of our own being to discover who we are and what our core is made of. This is Trance Dance. It is from the chaos that the order eventually emerges. It is in the darkness that the light is born. It is in that “losing” that we find. 

“White darkness” is a treasure box for everything in us that is waiting to be born. Covering our eyes takes the power away from media, Facebook, the stock market and all other forms of conditioning on how to be and where to seek answers. When we choose to dance this way, we activate all our other senses, making us realize how much we have become dependent on our eyesight only.

Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
Morpheus: You've never used them before.

—The Matrix

Please know that the space is held very safely. There are always few people dancing along who are not blindfolded, making sure trance dancers are not getting hurt. Your facilitator will give you clear instructions before the dance begins and after that anything that happens happens between you and your consciousness. Anything that shows up is your creation, your realization, your own consciousness talking back to you. There is no formula for dancing – it is more like you are being danced. It is a seamless relationship with your body and soul and for a moment you have a taste of what it is like to see in the dark, and to know with your heart.

Music that is played is carefully chosen to support the journey. In the end there is a time period to integrate it while laying down, still having your bandanna over your eyes. 

Most people find the word “trance” a little intimidating. In this context what it means is that there is a point during the dance that your body finds a rhythm it can “count on”, meaning it does not need the mind to think about it, and this gives the mind or consciousness the freedom to travel. Nothing bad will happen to you but something WILL happen to you. And that is the gift you take away when you are done.

For some people, the word “trance” is frightening. But trance is really nothing more than another word for meditation. It’s the state of no mind. Meditation is the state of no mind. The question is, how do you get to that state? When you meditate, you sit in silence for extended periods of time until the mind empties out and you become an empty vessel. Then your spirit can move in. Trance is the same way except the doorway is different. It’s done through catharsis. It’s done through rhythm, sound and movement of the body. And what occurs either in that movement or at the end of that movement is trance, a very deep meditation. Trance and meditation are the same except the path is different. In shamanic cultures, they used trance and in the East they used contemplation and meditation.
— Wilbert Alix