Love happens

when what we are not is no longer in charge.

Riikka Rajamäki


I left my homeland, Finland, and moved to NYC in 2001 after receiving a master's degree in sociology. Walking the streets of New York during 9/11, with very little money and sometimes not even a place to sleep, I begun questioning my concepts about “a happy life”. I realized that my happiness wasn’t dependent on my worldly creations but on my ability to remain centered and connected to Source, no matter what happens. This quest took me to California, where I became a student at the Foundation for Spiritual Development. As I started peeling away the layers that were the false self, I became freer to be who I truly was. My life started unfolding in front of me with more ease, and I was finally able to start discovering the gifts that I came here to give.

Since then I've helped hundreds of my clients feel better in their bodies through my unique style of bodywork and nutritional counseling. I'm a Certified Spirit Coach®, a Certified Blindfold Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator, and the founder of The Daily Nothing -practice which has inspired many people to start their daily meditation practice and find stillness in their everyday life.

One of the most satisfying aspects of my work is that very moment when my clients realize that miracles can become part of their every day life. That moment when love no longer is a risk but the core of their very existence. And when a meditation practice stops being a task, but an embodied way of being in this world. 

I truly enjoy exploring the bridge between both worlds, the light and the dark, helping my clients and everyone I meet use life's experiences as a catalyst to remembering their purpose of being alive. 

When I'm not working, I'm either taking timeless walks in nature or drinking coffee in a coffee shop and writing my very first screenplay.